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Current Projects

The Office of Violence Prevention brings resources to its partnerships throughout the community to support violence prevention programs.

Medical College of Wisconsin’s Violence Prevention Initiative

We partnered with the Medical College of Wisconsin in developing its historical Violence Prevention Initiative. Through this multi-million dollar project, MCW is evaluating two area community partnership teams over five years with the charge to:

  • Implement violence prevention programs for youth, ages 0-11 years;

  • Develop leadership capacity to prevent violence among youth, ages 12-17 years; and

  • Build and strengthen community capacity and resources to prevent youth violence.

The Project is underway in the City of Milwaukee. We continue to provide technical assistance and support the Initiative in reaching its objectives.

Area of Focus: Violence and Youth

Impact: Increase in community capacity and resources to prevent youth violence


Milwaukee County Community Justice Council

The Milwaukee County Community Justice Council was established by Milwaukee’s political and justice system leaders to coordinate services and to allocate financial resources to ensure crime reduction, victim support, offender accountability and restorative, community-based programs. Through strategic planning and research, the Council identifies, evaluates and develops strategies to both improve the justice system and enhance public safety and the quality of life in Milwaukee County.

Area of Focus: Justice System


Homicide Review Commission/Center for Community Safety

The Office of Violence Prevention is participating in:

  • The Homicide Review Commission, which focuses on neighborhoods in order to reduce incidents of crime and violence. We participate in the reviews and help develop specific strategies to reduce violence and crimes in those neighborhoods. The law enforcement community, clergy community, medical community, and others collaborate to implement these strategies.

  • Establishing an academic Center for Community Safety to develop systemic change strategies. The Center will convene a multidisciplinary team of researchers, practitioners, community-based organizations, policy makers and neighborhood leaders. Using the Homicide Review Commission’s real-time data, the Center will use a data-driven, problem-solving framework to address violence crime and its root causes. Through the Center’s work, the City of Milwaukee will be prepared to respond to and to prevent violence in a comprehensive and sustainable way- at multiple levels that reach residents who are directly and indirectly affected by violence. Current discussions address affiliation with several universities and colleges, including UWM’s School of Public Health, Marquette University, and the University of Wisconsin.

Area of Focus: Violence and Homicide Crime

Impact: Short – and long-term support for strategies that reduce incidents of crime and violence.


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Office of Violence Prevention
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Director, Office of Violence Prevention
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