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Lead Poisoning Prevention Testing Recommendations

Every child should be tested for lead in blood 3 times before the age of 3: around 12 months, around 18 months, and around 24 months. Childrem between the ages of 3 and 6 years should have a blood lead test if there is no record of a previous test, if they live in housing built prior to 1978 with recent or ongoing renovation, or if they have a sibling or playmate who has an elevated lead level. Children who are uninsured, or receiving Medicaid, Healthcheck or WIC should have a blood lead test annually until 72 months of age. 

Test around 12 months
Under 3 Years
Test around 18 months
Test around 24 months
Children receiving Medicaid, Healthcheck, WIC or Uninsured:
Test around 36 months
Test around 48 months
Test around 60 months
3 - 5 Years
Any child:
Test if no record of prior test
Test if child lives in house built prior to 1978 with recent or ongoing renovations
Test if child has sibling or playmate with lead poisoning