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STI and HIV Program

The City of Milwaukee Health Department's Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) and HIV Program seeks to prevent the spread of STIs and HIV by proving education to health providers and citizens of the city of Milwaukee, offering preventative and screening and treatment services care to the general population.

The program is primarily supported by the City of Milwaukee with significant assistance from the Wisconsin Division of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing

Milwaukee Health Department offers free screening, treatment, counseling and referrals for sexually transmitted infections at Keenan Health Clinic.

Partner Services

Milwaukee Health Department offers free and confidential (name-associated) HIV counseling, testing and referral, and partner services at Keenan Central Health Clinic on a walk-in basis.

Keenan Health Clinic
3200 North 36th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216

(414) 286-3631

Community Health Education

Health educators and public health nurses provide health education to schools and community groups in the City of Milwaukee, based on availability of staff. Additionally, the Milwaukee Health Department participates in various community and planning groups at state and local levels to help develop comprehensive STI and HIV prevention and intervention programs.

For more information, contact our Public Health Educator at 414-286-8088.