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Community Health Improvement Plan DRAFT
For Public Comment

During the summer of 2016, the Milwaukee Health Department and collaborative partners launched MKE Elevate, a community-driven, ambitious agenda for elevating the health and well-being of Milwaukee residents. Through the efforts of community members and organizations working together to promote the identified priority areas, we may achieve our vision of creating safe and healthy neighborhoods throughout our entire City.

We invite you to review the drafted MKE Elevate: Community Health Improvement Plan and provide your feedback. It is important that this collective vision is supported by community voices.

MKE Elevate: A Community Health Improvement Plan
Document Summary

  • Letters of Support
  • Executive Summary
  • Improving Health Where We Live, Work and Play
  • The Community Health Improvement Planning Process
  • Priority Action Area #1: Positive Mental Health
  • Priority Action Area #2: Inclusive and Fair Society
  • Priority Action Area #3: Economic Security
  • Cross Cutting Objectives
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendices


The full document can be downloaded here:

            MKE Elevate: A Community Health Improvement Plan DRAFT


Please submit your feedback via this survey link:





MKE Elevate
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