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About MKE Elevate

MKE Elevate is both a process and a plan that will elevate the health of all Milwaukee residents. Through the Community Health Improvement Planning Process, our goal is to create a citywide Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) that will identify shared goals and action steps that will result in long-term measurable improvements in the health of residents citywide.

What is a Community Health Improvement Plan?

The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a roadmap for improving and promoting the health of Milwaukee residents. It is a community-driven process, supported by Mayor Tom Barrett and the City of Milwaukee Health Department, that engages our residents, businesses, agencies and nonprofits in deciding Milwaukee's most pressing health issues. Using the data and health issues identified in the City of Milwaukee Community Health Assessment and communitywide surveys, the MKE Elevate Community Health Improvement Plan will outline how we can all work together to elevate the health of our community around select priority areas for action.

Who is involved in this work?

The City of Milwaukee Health Department is facilitating the Community Health Improvement Planning Process. However, this is a community-driven initiative, and will need the entire community to execute the plan. We are asking individuals, businesses, agencies, nonprofits and coalitions citywide to join us in developing the MKE Elevate plan.

What has already happened?

To date, we have completed a comprehensive assessment, the City of Milwaukee Community Health Assessment, to determine baseline measures for key health outcomes and key health determinants. A communitywide survey of more than 3,000 people who live and/or work in the city of Milwaukee along with a photo campaign, key stakeholder interviews, focus groups and meetings have helped us identify proposed Priority Action Areas.

What's next?

Action Teams will be convened to review the proposed Priority Action Areas, identify existing work in these areas, and develop shared goals and action steps that we, as a community, can take to move the needle on these issues together.

How can I get involved?

We need you! Join an Action Team to help us build the plan and then identify where you, your business or agency, can align your work to support any one (or more) of these shared goals. We will only make measurable progress when we all take the steps that we can, together.




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