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MAPP Progress

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The MAPP Community Assessment Report

Results of this eighteen-month assessment process was compiled into a final Community Assessment report. The final report documents the process and results of four community assessments and the formulation of our nine action goals. It will play an integral part in steering future action steps and policy development.

To view the 2008 MAPP Community Assessment report, click here.


The Action Cycle Phase

In planning for the Action Cycle phase, goals and objectives were developed to tackle each of the top issues identified in focus groups. The topics identified are listed below (in no rank order). Click on the topic link below to view the documents created for future action steps.  

The Action Teams mentioned above spent six months researching, debating and developing Planning and Policy Recommendations.  The process is summarized in the following report, which will be used to guide Health Department strategic policy planning as well as parameters within which Action Teams can develop community interventions.

To view the MAPP Planning and Policy Recommendations, click here.