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Title Search Form

Title Search Form (DNS-35)

Use this form to request a search of Department of Neighborhood Services records for pending Special Charges and outstanding code violations. Other items included in the search are Code Compliance, Property Recording, Rent Withholding and Fire Inspection. There is a $40.56* fee per address for this search. The property owner will be responsible for any special charges assessed on the property tax bill where a Title Search was not requested in writing prior to the conveyance. Be sure to either put your fax number or name and address where you want the Title Search results returned to, somewhere on the top of the form. Send completed form along with a check/money order for $40.56* payable to the City of Milwaukee to the address listed on the top of the form. Upon receipt, the Title Search usually is processed within 3 working days. A Seller Notification Form should be submitted after every closing (or with every transfer of ownership). For additional information or questions, please contact the Department of Neighborhood Services at 414-286-5077. See also, Why Use a Title Search Form? (* Fee includes a 1.4% training and technology surcharge.)