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Foreclosure Registration (RPPF) Forms

RPPF FORMS- (Residential Property Pending Foreclosure) RPPF forms apply to foreclosures that were filed on or after October 28, 2010.

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RPPF Form Instructions

Detailed instructions for completing the RPPF registration form.


Online residential property foreclosure registration. You will first be guided to open an account with e-services. Then your will be guided to the form that must be filled out on-line and submitted electronically. Use this form if the foreclosure action was filed on or after October 28, 2010.

RPPF NOA (Notification of Abandonment) form

If inspection of the residential property shows the property is abandoned, the registrant must notify DNS of the abandoned state of the property. The notification shall include a description of the external condition of the property and whether the building is secure. The notification form must provide the name of the local agent or servicing company that is authorized by the foreclosure filing entity to enter upon the property and to conduct repairs or maintenance as required.


File this Notice of Dismissal (NOD) form if the foreclosure action has been dismissed, settled, or discharged since submitting an RPPF registration form. Note: A RPPF registration form must be filed even if the foreclosure action has since been cancelled, dismissed or discharged. If that is the case, please submit BOTH the RPPF registration and this Notice of Dismissal simultaneously. This form is also used by the Abandoned Property In Foreclosure program. RPPF registrations and RPPF NOD forms apply to residential properties that had foreclosure actions filed on or after October 28, 2010. If the foreclosure action was filed prior to 10/28/10, please note that there is a separate registration and NOD form used for these properties See Abandoned Property in Foreclosure (APIF).