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Environmental and Nuisance Section

Chicken Coop Site Plan Form DNS-362

This is form that must be completed by those wishing to obtain a chicken coop permit in the City of Milwaukee. See the sample below for what to put on the site plan. Bring this completed plan (DNS-362) and the Neighbor approval sheet (DNS-363) when applying for the chicken keeping permit.

Chicken Coop Site Plan Sample Form DNS-362

Here is DNS a sample of a diagram needed to be filed with the department when applying for a permit to keep chickens. This and the DNS-363 must be brought to the department when applying.

Chicken Keeping Neighbor Approval Form

This is the application that must be completed and brought to the DNS offices to apply for a permit to keep chickens. It requires the neighbors to give their approval and signature. See Chicken Coop brochure (DNS-361) for more details.

Pre-application for Commercial Pesticide Applicator in the City of Milwaukee

This form is required for anyone applying pesticides in the City of Milwaukee.

Noise Variance Application Form Instructions

Instructions on how to complete the Noise Variance Application.

DNS-120A Noise Variance Application Form

This form is for those instances where a known event will generate loud noise (i.e. festival, or temporary event) It is to be applied for before the event and requires Aldermanic and DNS approval.

Vehicle Removal Form (DNS-166)

Use this form to have the city remove unwanted vehicles from your property. If you are the owner, a fee may be charged. If the vehicle is illegally parked or abandoned on you property the City will tow it away for free. See details for information on this application.