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Environmental and Nuisance Section

Asbestos Project Work Sheet (DNS-182)

This work sheet must be completed by the abatement firm and attached to the project plans when submitted with the asbestos project permit application at least 5 working days before the start of abatement.

Chicken Coop Site Plan Form (DNS-362)

This is form that must be completed by those wishing to obtain a chicken coop permit in the City of Milwaukee. See the sample below for what to put on the site plan. Bring this completed plan (DNS-362) and the Neighbor approval sheet (DNS-363) when applying for the chicken keeping permit.

Chicken Coop Site Plan Sample Form (DNS-362)

Here is DNS a sample of a diagram needed to be filed with the department when applying for a permit to keep chickens. This and the DNS-363 must be brought to the department when applying.

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Pre-application

This form is required for anyone applying pesticides in the City of Milwaukee.

DNS-360 PITBULL Brochure

This is the brochure for owners of Rottweilers and Pit-bulls. It covers ownership and handler information as well as kenneling requirements and licensing. Special considerations for the keeping of these breeds are covered.

DNS-360 PITBULL Brochure Spanish Version

REQUISITOS DE LA ORDENANZADE LA CIUDAD DE MILWAUKEE PARA LOS PITBULL Y ROTTWEILER, Correas y Licencias, La cerca o jaula, Distancia de la vía pública