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Public Information Documents

The following is a list of items available for download from the Internet. Due to the complexity of certain forms, not all permits, applications or documents are available. All documents will require ADOBE ACROBAT Reader or similar PDF viewer. This page contains mostly reference material.  If you are looking for brochures, applications or forms for DNS go back to the Public Information page.

Electrical Section

Electrical Inspectors Distric Map and Contact sheet.pdf - Map of the City showing the various electrical inspectors for the City of Milwaukee. Also contains phone numbers to reachinspectors.

Housing and Neighborhoods

Residential Rental Inspection Checklist_V3.pdf  - Are you required to have your rental unit(s) inspected as a part of MCO 200-53? Wondering what the inspector will look for?  Here's the list. It's also a great tool for landlords to pre-screen their property to know what condition it is in. Tenants may be interested to know that these are the minimum health and safety standards that their unit should meet. Don't wait for the inspector to tell you what's already on this list. It's no secret about what we will be checking.  If you pass, you know your unit will meet the code.

Residential Rental Inspection Area Map.pdf- Map of the areas in the City of Milwaukee that require a Certificate for Residential Rental Inspection program.

2012 Mental Health Guide Book.pdf- This is a directory of service agencies and treatment centers for a variety of social programs mostly involving mental health issues.  It is comprehnsive in that it covers a wide range of information for helping people with problems of addiction, mental health, support groups,  social agencies, wellness, homelessness and more.  For the most up to date listing, go to:

CH 200-22.5 This ordinance explains the rules that entities filing foreclosures must follow with regards to registering foreclosed residential property with the City of Milwaukee. The Ordinance explains what forms to complete, who must file and what information DNS requires.  (See Registration of Residential Property Pending Foreclosure application and Residential Properties Pending Foreclosure form Instructions on the DNS FORMS page.) After clicking on the CH 200.22.5 link above, scroll to the code section numbered 200 22.5. It's about page 17 of the PDF.

CH 200-33 FIRE PREVENTION PERMIT FEES - ORDINANCE 200-33 (17.5) Deals with the fee schedule for the types of Fire Prevention inspections, permits and corresponding fees. Code Section begins on page 38 of the documents and page 6 of the pdf.

CH 200-53 Residential Rental Inspection Certificate program- Ordinance details of the Residential Rental Inspection (RRI) program as provided in City ordinance. Details begin on page 61 of the document or page 11 of the pdf.

CH200-51.7 Vacant Building Registration Ordinance- Ordinance details of 200-51.7. Details begin on page 56 of the document or page 6 of the pdf.

CH214-7 2 b Fire Prevention Permits and Inspections- Ordinance details of 214-7 2 (b) dealing with Fire Prevention Permits and Inspections. Section begins on page 74 of the code and page 3 of the pdf.

COMPLAINT PROCESS HANDOUT- This is a consolidaed handout to guide people in how to make a complaint to DNS about a problem on private property.

NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSING SURVEY.pdf - This is a 14-page guide on why a neighborhood group should do a housing survey, how to organize one, what to do with the data, and sample letters to send out to get action on problem properties. (132k)

Vacant Building Inspection Checklist_V1.pdf This is a checklist that inspectors will use to inspect vacant buildings as part of the Vacant Building Inspection Program. Wondering what the inspector will look for?  Here's the list. It's also a great tool for property owners or maintenance mangers to pre-screen their property to know what condition it is in. These are the minimum health and safety standards that their building(s) should meet. Don't wait for the inspector to tell you what's already on this list. It's no secret about what we will be checking.  If you pass, you know your unit will meet the code.

DNS-29B HUD SEAL Milwaukee - Learn the proper way to seal buildings from break-ins and vandalism. Technical Support document for Residential Boarded Building Brochure DNS-29.

Police Trespass Notification Form (MPD 905).pdf-Landlords can use this form to rid their property of trespassers who are found on their property.  The landlord provides a current list of tenants and employees entitled to be on the premise to the police and police can issue tickets against anyone not on that list.

E-Z Guide to E-Government.pdf (11MB) This comprehensive guide shows how to navigate City of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin web sites for information on property, landlords and criminal histories. Landlords can learn more about property they are thinking of buying, They also can do background checks on potential tenants or contact other landlords for information on tenant resumes.  Tenants can "look before they leap".  They can find out the history of a building with regards to violations and complaints, look up ownerships and phone numbers, see what court actions are pending and much more.  This is a detailed file with sample screen shots of where to click and access information. Caution: Large File 11MB.

Fire Safety

COLOR ME FIRE SAFETY COLORING BOOK.pdf - This bilingual (English-Spanish) coloring book entertains as it informs. Children get to color their favorite animal characters mixed with multicultural family members as everyone learns important lifesaving fire safety information. 20 pages total. Letter-size artwork. (1007k)

HOLIDAY SAFETY TIPS.pdf Are you really ready for the holidays? Not until you have reviewed this handy guide to making your holiday FIRE SAFE. Everything you need to know about cold weather, holiday decorations, candles, space heaters and sources of hidden danger in the winter time. Four pages in letter size format. PDF

Residential Licensing Program Study.pdf - This is a study of the affect of Residential Licensing and its possible impact on the management of code violation issues. Although not adopted by the City of Milwaukee, discussions are beginning on the topic. Many insights as to its impact in cities where it has been adopted.

Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm Testing Requirements sheet DNS-147B. pdf - Do you own or operate a multifamily (3 or more) residential or commercial property?  Then you need to know the requirements for testing you smoke detection and fire alarm systems.  New rules require annual testing and certification.  This document specifies the items that are checked during a DNS fire inspection.  Avoid a citation...learn how to protect your tenants and your property. A must have document for every building manager!

Emergency Preparedness Personal Cards.pdf- Complete these cards that contain vital information about your family in case of a community disaster. This information will assist you in proving accurate information to authorities searching for injured or lost family. Keep a copy of this information on your person during an emergency.

Emergency Preparedness Planning Form.pdf-Complete this form to aid others in locating you after a disaster. Share this plan with family or trusted friends to help locate lost family or friends. Tracks valuable information like insurance, alternate places you might seek shelter, information on finding family records.

Emergency Preparedness Supplies Checklist.pdf- A comprehensive list of things to stockpile in case of an emergency. Food supplies, emergency lighting, and tools to keep handy in the event of a disaster. Reminder as well to replenish expired items.

KIDDE Smoke Alarm Recall- KIDDE is recalling three types of smoke alarms. They include two hardwired models and one battery operated model. Here are the info sheets on the recall and how to identify the model on your alarm.  KIDDE RECALL LETTER    KIDDE RECALL INFORMATION SHEET.


Cross Connection Manual V2.pdf- (Warning 32 MB file) This is a comprehensive document covering all the issues related to cross connections and back-flow matters in plumbing.  It contains many reference documents, codes, commentary as well as listed and approved hardware for cross connection applications. A reference document every plumbing contractor should have. (Some browsers will not be able to open this document. RIGHT-CLICK on the file name and select SAVE-AS and view off-line with Acrobat reader.)



Last Update 09/17/2014