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 Apartment Building Recycling

Recycling has many benefits for our environment, our economy, and our communities. State law and City ordinance require the implementation of recycling programs at all types of residential and non-residential properties. While the City of Milwaukee provides recycling service to single-family through four-unit buildings through a curbside collection program, owners of residences containing five or more apartments must obtain recycling service from a private hauler. The information below is provided to assist tenants, managers, and owners with the setup and improvement of a recycling program.

Questions frequently asked by tenants


Questions frequently asked by property owners or building managers




Congratulations City of Milwaukee residents!  For the fifth straight year, our recycling totals continue to increase, thanks to your strong participation in DPW’s curbside/alley collection program.  Household recycling weights have increased 20% over this five-year period.


Beginning in May 2014, the City of Milwaukee partnered with Waukesha County communities to renovate and repair a recycling facility capable of sorting, baling and shipping 60,000 tons of plastics, glass, paper and cans each year. The facility, located in the Menomonee Valley,  is now a state-of-the-art single-stream Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).


Read about these highlights and more in the 2014 Annual Residential Recycling Report.