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Lori Glander
(414) 536-3954
Learning Leverage LLC

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching sessions with Lori Glander please contact her directly. 

Lori Glander, founder of Learning Leverage LLC, specializes in Coaching and Leadership Excellence programs that increase effectiveness and enjoyment in the workplace. Her skills as a coach will assist you in significantly increasing your results at work, job enjoyment, effective communication, and collaborative work relationships.

Employees who have access to a coach increase their skills and job satisfaction in a much shorter time frame than without a coach. Coaching provides a structure for having time to hear yourself think, plan, and focus on the areas in which you want to make a difference. Coaching is especially useful for busy people: for people who have many responsibilities, high expectations, and want to continue to develop their professional and personal effectiveness.

Consider using a coach when you are:

  • Wanting to make this a remarkable year
  • Overwhelmed and stressed with your workload
  • Wanting to improve a difficult working relationship with your boss or a co-worker
  • Starting a new job and want to get off to a great start
  • On a project team that isn’t going well and you want to get it back on track
  • Working on your performance goals for this year
  • Needing to have a difficult conversation
  • Intentional about becoming a better listener
  • Wanting to change current perceptions about you
  • Dealing with feedback you have received about your behavior and/or performance

TM3 Personalized Time Management Program

Lori Glander has also developed the TM3 program, a unique one-on-one coaching program that integrates:

  • Time Management
  • Organizing Skills
  • Coaching

Lori will work with you one-on-one to clear your office space of clutter, get your e-mails handled, and set up a complete customized time management system that will make your work-life manageable and productive. With the TM3 program, you will become the professional that you aspire to be.

Education and Qualifications

  • Experienced and certified Executive Coach since 1999
  • Master of Science degree in Administrative Leadership specializing in Adult Education
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration