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Joseph Mendla
(262) 365-3173

The Tuition Benefit will only cover coaching services for job-related subjects such as job coaching, performance issues, career development, career transition.  Attending a coaching session on city-time is at the discretion of your department; prior permission is required.

The Tuition Benefit will not cover coaching services for subjects such as, but not limited to life stage issues, mid-life issues, life coaching.  (These sessions must be attended on your own time.)

You may use your Tuition Benefit (if you are eligible) to work one-on-one with a personal coach provided you attend for the job-related reasons stated above.  Participants would pay the Coach directly, then apply for tuition reimbursement after the coaching session. After completing the online tuition reimbursement application in self-service, you must submit a copy of a paid receipt.  The receipt must show the cost as well as state the amount was paid, and must also list the date(s) of the session(s).

You are looking for a coach because you want to make changes in your life. You think you could use some help with this. You are right.

A coach can help you to get crystal clear about where you want to go, help you create an action plan to get there and work with you on the steps along the way. A life coach has your best interests at heart and will help you draw out the answers and wisdom that are already inside you. Like buried treasure, they only need to be unearthed to set you on your way to the life you desire.

Joe Mendla is an expert in change. He has re-invented his career and life several times. He is a sculptor, designer, college level teacher, businessman, entrepreneur and certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. He knows how to make life shifts happen.

The process begins with a free Discovery session. During this call you experience the benefits of a coaching call and both you and the coach decide if you can work together fruitfully. If the answer is yes, an agreement is made about the number of calls in the sequence that fits your situation. Coaching happens over the telephone in weekly 45 to 60 minute sessions that are scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Joe Mendla is prepared to coach on the full range of human issues where change is desired. He is especially useful in dealing with issues that involve getting along with people. He is passionate about team building.


  • Instructor of Sculpture and Design in Colleges and Art Schools
  • Founder of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
  • Founder and President of Hartbronze Inc., a fine arts bronze foundry
  • President of Joseph Mendla and Associates, a professional sculpture studio
  • President of IKONS, LLC, a marketer of steel ethnographic symbols
  • Principal, Human Potentials, Life Coaching by Joseph Mendla


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Dimensional Design, University of the Arts, Philadelphia
  • Master of Fine Arts, Sculpture, University of Pennsylvania
  • Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Quantum Success Coaching Academy