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2016 Mayor's Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days

They Mayor is challenging you to walk 100 miles in 100 days! Mayor Barrett's Walk 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge is a city-wide campaign to encourage people of all ages to add physical activity to their daily routines.

30 Days to Better Labs

Beginning June 6, come learn about ways to improve your lab results prior to the 3-step health appraisal process which starts August 1, 2016. We are offering the program at 3 different locations: Zeidler Municipal Building, Northwest Health Center, and Southside Health Center. (See flyer for registration information, dates, times and locations. Earn 15 Healthy Rewards points for completing the full program!)

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Healthy Rewards Program (2015-2016)

Do you want the opportunity to earn a $250 Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) to offset your out-of-pocket health care expenses? If you complete the 2015 3-step Health Appraisal process, you are automatically eligible for Phase 2, the Healthy Rewards program.

Real Appeal (Weight Loss/Healthy Living Program)

Real Appeal is a new weight loss and healthy living program that can help you and your spouse take small steps that lead to big results.

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EAP Lunch & Learn: Mental Illness - Truths and Myths

06-30-201612:00 PMCity Hall, Room 301-B

EAP Lunch & Learn: Building Emotional Resiliency

07-07-201612:00 PMCity Hall, Room 301-B

Reflective Listening - How to Listen Effectively

07-14-201612:00 PMCity Hall, Room 301-A

EAP Lunch & Learn: Depression in the Workplace

07-21-201612:00 PMCity Hall, Room 303

EAP Lunch & Learn: Stress Reduction

07-28-201612:00 PMCity Hall, Room 303