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POLICIES and GUIDELINES (City of Milwaukee) 

What's New:

  1. Revised 3/2017:  Guidelines on Conducting Pre-Employment Background Checks
  2. Added: Workplace Clinic Excuse Policy
POLICY Effective Date
Policies and Guidelines, City of Milwaukee

Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act of 2009 (ADAAA) / Wisconsin Fair Employment Act of 2004 (WFEA):

 Anti-Harassment Policy, City of Milwaukee 01/2011
 Auxiliary Resource Program 08.05.16

 City Service Rules

  • Amended as of 11.07.16:
    • Rule III,   Section 4.  Residence requirement
    • Rule VIII, Section 9.  Residence requirement after appointment
  • Amended as of 05.05.16:
    • Rule X, Section 2.    Leave of Absence
    • Rule X, Section 3.    Expiration of Leave
    • Rule X, Section 4.    Resignation
    • Rule X, Section 5.    Absence without Leave
    • Rule X, Section 7.    Reinstatement following leave of absence
    • Rule X, Section 9.    Reinstatment following lifting of medical restrictions
    • Rule X, Section 17.  Reinstatement following recovery from disability
  • NEW RULE (as of 05.05.16)
    • Rule XI.  Separation, Appeal, Hearing
Amended 11.07.16
 Cloud Policy 04.15.14
 Conducting Pre-Employment Background Checks, Guidelines on 03/2017

 Disciplinary Appeals to the City Service Commission, Guidelines for

  • Appeal Form:
    • MS Word (This version is formatted as a fill-in form)
    • Adobe PDF (This version is formatted to be completed by hand)

 Discipline and Grievance Procedure for General City Employees:  Adobe PDF

 Dual Residency Policy Statement 09.23.98
 Drug-Free Workplace Act (05/96) 05/1996
 Elections:  Compensation Policy for City Employees Working at the Polls on Election Day 09/2012
 E-Mail Use Policy 10.19.09
 Exempting Positions from Civil Service, Policy and Procedure Statement Relating to 03.20.15
 Firearms and Dangerous Weapons in the Workplace, Policy Prohibiting 02.27.12
 FMLA Policy for General City Employees 04.30.14

 Grievance Procedure, Workplace Safety, General City:  click here


 Holiday Requests: Guidelines Regarding Request for Optional Holiday: click here

 Internet Use Guidelines  
 Notice Required when Separating Employees upon Expiration of a Medical Leave of Absence 11/2010
 Pay Policy for Time Not Worked Because of Snowstorms, Natural Disasters or Civil Emergencies 01.08.12
 Reclassifications, Reallocations and Title Changes: Approach and Procedures 08/2006
 Reinstatement Policy 12.17.13
 Social Media Policy 06.01.11

 Temporary Appointment Memo

 Vacation and Transitional Vacation Account (TVA) Guidelines 04.23.13
  Workplace Clinic Excuse Policy 02.21.17
 Workplace Violence Prevention Policy 12/2012


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