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POLICIES and GUIDELINES (City of Milwaukee) 


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page rvsd: 12.30.15

Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act of 2009 (ADAAA) / Wisconsin Fair Employment Act of 2004 (WFEA):

 Anti-Harassment Policy, City of Milwaukee 01/2011
 Auxiliary Resource Program 08.13.14

 City Service Rules

  • Amended as of 12.21.15:
    • City Service Rule I, Section 1, o.
    • City Service Rule IV, Section 3
    • City Service Rule X, Section 8
    • City Service Rule X, Section 9
 Cloud Policy 04.15.14
 Conducting Pre-Employment Background Checks, Guidelines on 01/2013

 Disciplinary Appeals to the City Service Commission, Guidelines for

  • Appeal Form:
    • MS Word (This version is formatted as a fill-in form)
    • Adobe PDF (This version is formatted to be completed by hand)

 Discipline and Grievance Procedure for General City Employees:  Adobe PDF

 Dual Residency Policy Statement 09.23.98
 Drug-Free Workplace Act (05/96) 05/1996
 Elections:  Compensation Policy for City Employees Working at the Polls on Election Day 09/2012
 E-Mail Use Policy 10.19.09
 Exempting Positions from Civil Service, Policy and Procedure Statement Relating to 03.20.15
 Firearms and Dangerous Weapons in the Workplace, Policy Prohibiting 02/2012
 FMLA Policy for General City Employees 04.30.14

 Furlough Policy and Administrative Guidelines


 Grievance Procedure, Workplace Safety, General City:  click here


 Holiday Requests: Guidelines Regarding Request for Optional Holiday: click here

 Internet Use Guidelines  
 Notice Required when Separating Employees upon Expiration of a Medical Leave of Absence 11/2010
 Pay Policy for Time Not Worked Because of Snowstorms, Natural Disasters or Civil Emergencies 01.08.12
 Reclassifications, Reallocations and Title Changes: Approach and Procedures 08/2006
 Reinstatement Policy 12.17.13
 Social Media Policy 06.01.11

 Temporary Appointment Memo

 Vacation and Transitional Vacation Account (TVA) Guidelines 04.23.13
 Workplace Violence Prevention Policy 12/2012


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