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Guidelines for Preparing Job Descriptions

The Job Description form below (CS-25) is FORMATTED to be completed "on-screen." Please open the document in Microsoft Word, place your cursor in the first field to be completed and begin typing. To get to the next field, press the "Tab" key and so on. You MUST type your information on the document, then print it when complete; the form will not work if printed, then filled-in. You may save the document to your files, and complete it or add to it at a later date.

Contact Us

City Hall
200 E. Wells Street, Room 706
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3515

Compensation Services Staff:

Andrea Knickerbocker
Human Resources Manager
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Sarah Trotter
Human Resources Representative
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Laura Sutherland
Human Resources Representative
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Faranda Wragg
Program Assistant II
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Pay Services Staff:

Questions regarding Pay Progression calculations contact

Sarah Wallisch
Program Assistant II
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Megan Kemmerling
Pay Services Specialist
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General questions about Pay Progression, Employee Assessment or Performance Reviews contact:

Lindsey O'Connor
Certification and Salary Systems Administrator
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