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Important Information Regarding FSA Debit Card

The $500 rollover of FSA Medical Funds will be available as of 1/1/2016. You can continue to claim 2015 funds through Friday, April 29, 2016.

Page revised 02/15


To City Employees:

The eflex (eflexgroup) and eCOBRA groups have merged. The only change for City employees is that at some point this year you will receive a new debit card. When you do receive the new debit card from eCOBRA you can destroy the old card. A message from eflex and a FAQ from eflex are below. Thank you.

We are excited to announce that eflexgroup (eflex) and eCOBRA have joined forces with Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC), effective May 1, 2014. We welcome this new affiliation as an opportunity to expand and improve our services to you!

We--and the entire eflex and eCOBRA teams--truly appreciate your business. As always, we're serious about providing you with outstanding services now and far into the future. We remain absolutely committed to delivering speedy payments and solutions, along with the innovative web self-service you've come to expect from eflex. As part of a larger national organization, we will have access to greater resources and new offerings that we look forward to sharing with you.

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, TASC is the nation's largest, privately held, third-party administrator, providing benefit account management, benefit continuation, compliance, workplace giving, and payroll services for more than 60,000 businesses. TASC aims high with innovative, award-winning technology platforms. Over the next few months, the eflex and TASC service teams will be working to plan and transition our administrative services onto TASC's platforms.

Having been competitors and neighbors for the past 15 years, we know TASC and its CEO, Dan Rashke well. We continue to be impressed! Dan's personal commitment--to TASC employees, clients, and brokers--has proven to be an ideal foundation for TASC's continued growth and success.

Along with continued superior administrative services, you can be confident that we will do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition to the TASC platform. In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to contact your eflex Sales Associate or Client Services Manager. Additionally, we have prepared a frequently asked questions document that you can download here.



  • 2014 FSA Medical Funds need to be used by 12/31/2014 with the exception of up to $500 of your unused Medical Funds which can be rolled over and used for the entire year of 2015.
  • 2014 FSA Dependent Care Funds need to be used by 12/31/2014.
  • 2014 FSA Expense Reimbursement Request deadline for 2014 Funds is APRIL 29, 2015.

Contact Employee Relations at 286-8111 with questions, or click here to e-mail.


 If you have a change in status, please click here to send an email message or call 286-8111.

  • All employees will receive a Debit Card. If you already have a debit card, as long as you elect an account, this card is good through the expiration date on your card.  The Debit Card is issued for all Flexible Spending Accounts and all plans are linked to the debit card.
    • If you need additional debit cards for a spouse and/or dependents, there is no fee. To request additional cards:
      1. Click on the following link:
      2. Under the category, eFlex Debit Card Tools, click on "Request Additional eFlex Debit Card" to download the form.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form
      • Use this form if you want to credit reimbursements directly into a checking or savings account of your designation.
  • Claim Form
    • You may also file claims ONLINE and check your balance and previous claims 24/7! Go to
    • If you are filing an e-claim with, the toll free fax number for your receipts is: 1-877-231-1287.


  • Parking does not have a grace period but your FSA-Parking money is never lost! Your parking expenses must occur in the calendar year and you must claim your calendar year expenses by February 15 of the next year. Once the current year has closed, any money left in your FSA-Parking Account will be rolled over into your next year’s FSA-Parking Account.

If you have any questions regarding this grace period or other Flexible Choices issues, please click here to send an Email message.

If you are nearing retirement OR are planning to separate from City Service, PLEASE read the following:

  • Flexible Spending Account - Medical:
If you leave City employment and you are enrolled in a Medical-FSA, your period of coverage ends on your separation date. You must claim reimbursement of eligible expenses within 30 days of your date of separation from the City. Expenses incurred after your coverage ends are not eligible for reimbursement. Please call 286-8111 for further information or send an email to
  • Flexible Spending Account - Dependent Care:
    • Coverage for the Dependent Day Care-FSA ends on your separation date. You must claim reimbursement of eligible expenses within 30 days of your date of separation from the City. Contact the Employee Benefits Division at 286-3184 for further information.

Any questions regarding these accounts should be directed to