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In 2014, the following dental plans are offered to eligible employees:

  1. CarePlus Dental
  2. DentalBlue
  3. MetLife

City employees must use the online Employee Self Service program to enroll in 2014 benefits. 

Only employees of HACM, WCD and MEDC should use the following Dental Enrollment forms in one of the following formats: 

Care-Plus Dental (414-771-1711)

DentalBlue (1-866-589-0582)

MetLife (1-800-942-0854) -- PDP Plus

Employees with Met Life in 2014 who have not received your cards: call Met Life at 800-942-0854; you will be asked to enter your “employee ID” aka your six digit People Soft number. Do not enter your SSN as Met Life does not have SSN for City employees.

You will be asked to enter your zip code, and then the automated customer service will give you the first three letters of your last name. If that is correct, the automated system will confirm that you are enrolled in the Met Life PDP dental program.

If you have an appointment with a dentist prior to receiving your new card, tell the dentist you have the Met Life PDP dental program. Their office can also call Met Life. Their office will have to use your six digit employee ID/People Soft number, not your SSN for billing purposes.

Your new cards and welcome packet should arrive within the next ten days. Thank you.

QUESTIONS?  If you have questions regarding your benefits, unpaid bills, or problems with service, please call your health or dental plan. DO NOT call Employee Benefits until you have contacted your health or dental plan and are unable to arrive at a resolution. Employee Benefits will attempt to assist you to resolve your problem, but in no case will Employee Benefits attempt to change, question or provide a medical opinion. Remember to document all your conversations with dates, times and names. We will ask you for this information when you call our office.

  • If you are an ACTIVE employee, please contact the Employee Benefits Division at 286-3184, or click here to send an E-Mail message.
  • If you are a RETIRED employee, please contact the Employes' Retirement System at (414) 286-8404, or click here to send an E-Mail message.

R. 09.30.14