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Applicant Information

The City of Milwaukee is interested in high quality applicants who are up to the challenges of opening and operating a school that serve the needs of the children in our city.

The Charter School Review Committee of the Common Council considers applications in February for applicants interested in opening:

  1. a new school operated either by a new organization or an already-existing non-profit operating in Milwaukee or in another region of the country;
  2. or an already-existing school interested in converting from its status as a private school;
  3. or an already-existing charter school interested in transferring from another authorizer.

Additionally, the CSRC accepts applications during an alternate application cycle for organizations that are already operating a school or network of schools in Milwaukee or other regions of the country. This application is due in September

Interested applicants should contact Cheri Olp at (414) 288-0405 to express their desire to apply or to learn more.


Contact Us

Cindy Zautcke


Creating Authority

Section 118.40, Wis. Stats., s. 320-41 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances.

The City of Milwaukee's Charter School Review Committee is currently comprised of the following individuals:

  • Jeanette Mitchell, Chair
  • Kevin Ingram, Vice Chair
  • Michael Daun, Comptroller designee
  • Yovira Moroney
  • Jill Newton Moore
  • Gail Peay
  • Sandra Robinson

Meeting Information

All information about meetings of the Charter School Review Committee are found at Milwaukee's Legistar site.