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Annual Report Archive

Programmatic Profile and Educational Performance Reports

Every year, the Charter School Review Committee's academic monitors, the Children's Research Center, prepares a report on the Center's monitoring and analysis of educational performance. These reports are presented at a CSRC meeting, usually in September or October.


Charter School Review Committee Academic Progress Report

After the CSRC has received the Children's Research Center reports on each of the schools, the chair and staff prepare an annual report to the Steering and Rules Committee of the Common Council. This meeting is usually in November or December.

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CSRC Reports to the Steering and Rules Committee


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Creating Authority

Section 118.40, Wis. Stats., s. 320-41 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances.

The City of Milwaukee's Charter School Review Committee is currently comprised of the following individuals:

  • Jeanette Mitchell, Chair
  • Kevin Ingram, Vice Chair
  • Michael Daun, Comptroller designee
  • Melinda Krei
  • Yovira Moroney
  • Gayle Peay

Meeting Information

All information about meetings of the Charter School Review Committee are found at Milwaukee's Legistar site.