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Nov. 26  Statement form Alderman Willie C. Wade: New system for contracting police services will benefit business, public safety
Nov. 26 
Fresh Coast Classic Kickoff is Wednesday
Nov. 20  
Turkey giveaway Thursday will help families in need
Oct. 15 
Federal grant will spur further redevelopment of Century City site

Sept. 25 
New community clinic to open in Amani neighborhood
June 18  Fatherhood event this week will include young men in panel discussion
June 18  LEAP summer youth work program kicking off its second year
Feb. 28  Common Council approves two new facets of Milwaukee Jobs Act
Feb. 26 
Statement of Alderman Willie C. Wade: Thank you, Mr. Davis
Jan. 23 
Statement from Alderman Willie C. Wade: Common Council’s plan will allow developers to combat blight


Nov. 27  Sewerage District to fund more than half of private lateral repair costs
Oct. 10 STATEMENT: Pattern and practice of potential police misconduct warrants federal investigation
Sept. 28  Common Council members question Medical Examiner on Williams investigation
Sept. 26  Common Council members to meet with Medical Examiner on Williams investigation
Sept. 24  MEDIA ADVISORY: Common Council members will call for U.S. Attorney investigation into Derek Williams death  |  JOINT STATEMENT: U.S. Attorney’s insight needed in Williams death investigation

Sept. 21  Housing Resource Fair will feature key agencies, workshops
Aug. 3  LEAP summer youth work program sees first graduating class
Nov. 22  Fresh Coast Classic Kickoff News Event is Tomorrow
Nov. 18  MEDIA ADVISORY: 34 Ways to Assist Annual Turkey Giveaway at Parklawn Y Tomorrow
Nov. 14  Petition Effort Calls for Keeping Milwaukee USPS Stations Open
Oct. 12  MEDIA ADVISORY: Housing Resource Fair will Feature Key Agencies, Workshop
Sept. 12  Committee to Hear File on Possible Closing of USPS Facilities  |  File 110539
Aug. 29  Council Members Lobby Against Post Office Closings  |  Letter
July 14  Public Safety Committee Approves MPD Files on Diversity Training, Traffic Stops
Apr. 20  MEDIA ADVISORY: Diversity Questions To Come Before Committee
Apr 13  Residency and Retention Go Hand in Hand
Mar. 1  STATEMENT: Council Passes File Opposing Budget Bill Provisions
Feb. 17  City of Milwaukee Common Council Members Standing with Wisconsin Workers
Jan. 19 
Thank You, Wave Development LLC


Nov. 11  Common Council “On Board” in Rail Support Letter to USDOT Sec’y Ray LaHood  |  Letter
Nov. 3  Flood Insurance Buyers Need to Beware, and Be Aware, Aldermen Warn  |  FEMA News Release
Oct. 27  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Wade to Collaborate on “Get-Out-the-Vote” Initiative
Sept. 22  STATEMENT: FEMA Walk-In Center a Familiar Site, Great Choice
Sept. 20  STATEMENT: Alderman Wade Regarding FEMA Individual Assistance Decision
Sept. 1  STATEMENT: Alderman Wade Regarding MMSD Projects
July 27  Alderman Wade Asks Neighbors to Look in on Elderly and Disabled for Basement Help
July 15  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Wade to Moderate Foster Care Community Forum Tonight
Mar. 29  STATEMENT: Alderman Willie Wade on MPS Hat Incident  |  Letter From MPD
Mar. 24 
STATEMENT: Alderman Willie Wade on Approval of Talgo Lease
Mar. 2 
STATEMENT: Alderman Wade Regarding Talgo Announcement


Dec. 18  NBA All-Star Devin Harris 34 Ways to Assist Toy Drive at Parklawn Y Tomorrow
Nov. 20  MEDIA ADVISORY: Thanksgiving Turkeys to be Donated to Parklawn Families
Sept. 22  Council Approves Housing Preservation Fund  |  Housing Preservation Fund File
Sept. 18  MEDIA ADVISORY: Public Works Project Incorporates Wheel Tax Dollars and MORE Worker Provisions
Aug. 4  MEDIA ADVISORY: Aldermen to Honor Jontae Woodley Today
Aug. 3  MEDIA ADVISORY: Aldermen to Honor Jontae Woodley
Jul. 7  Jewish Community Food Pantry to Open
Mar. 27 
City’s TID Districts Could Provide Millions for Local Street Work, Create Jobs
Mar. 25  Benefits Ordinance Approved by Common Council
Mar. 3  MEDIA ADVISORY: News Conference on Community Benefits Ordinance Following Council Meeting Today
Mar. 2 
Common Council Committee Approves Benefits Ordinance


Sep. 4  MEDIA ADVISORY: Grand Opening Event Inspires Better Eating
Aug. 27  New Supportive Housing Facility Bringing Services to City’s Most Vulnerable Residents
Jul. 30  MEDIA ADVISORY: Unity Caucus Members To Host FEMA Flood Damage Information Session
Jul. 9  MEDIA ADVISORY: Unity Caucus Members To Canvass Near Quadruple Homicide Location Today
Jul. 7  MEDIA ADVISORY: Elected Officials To Hold City Hall News Conference On Quadruple Homicide
Jun. 20  Alderman Willie Wade To Host Job Event For New Restaurant

May 22  Common Council approves new hotline to report vandalism to vacant buildings
May 16  LEAP summer youth work program to launch Friday

Apr. 12  Common Council approves big fines for vandalism to vacant buildings


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