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Taking Out the Trash

Alderman Starts Litter Nuisance Effort

Ald. Bohl introduced the Repeat Litter Nuisance Initiative at the Common Council meeting on Sept. 6. in an effort to improve the conditions of rental properties across the city by dealing with the ongoing problem of excessive litter and debris that can be a common annoyance outside multi-family properties.

"It is unfortunately evident that Milwaukee is not the same, exceptionally clean city that it once was," said Ald. Bohl.  "Compounding this problem is the fact that much of the debris being generated is from the same properties over and over again, and considerable city time and resources are being expended to clean it up.

The litter nuisance initiative is similar to Ald. Bohl's grass/weed, snow and garbage ordinance of 2001, which fined property owners after the first violation, and has a graduated fine increase for any violations after that. The Litter Initiative, however, charges a $100 penalty for each occurrence, in addition to cleanup, administrative and inspection costs for properties that incur multiple litter violations in a 12-month period. 

This is the second major anti-litter effort championed by Ald. Bohl this year. An earlier measure he co-sponsored doubled the city fine for individuals caught littering. 

"We are not there to hold property owners' hands and waste our resources telling people to do what they ought to do in the first place," said Ald. Bohl. "It's time we step up the level of accountability and stop playing mom to those responsible for dirtying our city."