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Council Adopts Cruising Rules

Cruisers just don't cruise. They obstruct traffic, are noisy and disruptive, and tie up police resources that are needed in the 5th District and other sections of Milwaukee. 

Ald. Bohl co-sponsored a plan to seize cars that are used repeatedly in cruising. The measure defines cruising as "unlawful assemblies involving motor vehicles." If police determine that a vehicle is involved in two or more events, they can ask a judge to declare the vehicle a public nuisance. If the judge agrees, police can seize the vehicle. "This ordinance is a step toward dealing with the chaos caused by cruising activities," said Ald. Bohl, who also supported an ordinance to double fines for cruising-related offenses.

Misguided efforts to allow cruising in and around the parking lots at Miller Park would drain precious police resources away from neighborhoods that really need the patrols during high crime early morning hours, said Ald. Bohl.