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Alderman Bohl's Biography


Jim Bohl has served the residents of the 5th Aldermanic District for the past 13+ years and is in his fourth full term as 5th District Alderman following his re-election in April 2012.

Alderman Bohl, 42, is a native of Milwaukee’s northwest side. He graduated from Milwaukee’s Madison High School in 1989, before earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Marquette University in 1993 and 1996.

Alderman Bohl serves as Chair of the Common Council’s Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee, along with the Public Safety, Public Works and Skywalk Design Committees. Because of his standing as chair, he is also a member of the Steering and Rules Committee. Previously, Alderman Bohl was a member on the board of VISIT Milwaukee, and serviced as the board Vice-President of the Milwaukee Survive Alive Foundation.

Alderman Bohl is consistently recognized for his efforts to lead the Council as a budget hawk and taxpayer advocate. Alderman Bohl has also been a strong fighter for efforts that promote the safety and welfare of his constituents and Milwaukee residents. He has consistently fought to put more police on the streets and led the police department’s recent efforts to realign police districts, allowing for greater police responsiveness in the 5th District. Alderman Bohl has also taken the lead to create a comprehensive plan to address improving road conditions in the city.

Alderman Bohl is firmly dedicated to Milwaukee neighborhoods. He organized his neighborhood’s block watch group and served many years as its leader. He also wrote the city’s “Neighborhood Association Tool Kit” and “Senior Guide” and has fought to keep neighborhoods safe by authoring legislation to restrict payday loan stores and slowing the proliferation of extended hour businesses.

Alderman Bohl enjoys serving as role model to Milwaukee's youth, and has served as a confirmation instructor, Sunday school teacher and teen mentor. In his spare time, Alderman Bohl enjoys reading biographies, playing and watching sports and spending time with his family.

District homeowners for 18 years, Alderman Bohl and his wife, Calleen, have three daughters. They are active members of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Prior to his election to office in April of 2000, Alderman Bohl taught at Madison University High School in Milwaukee and served as an aide to then-Milwaukee Congressman Tom Barrett.


Recent legislation introduced by Alderman Bohl:  


        120310 Resolution directing the Commissioner of City Development to prepare an amendment to the project plan for each tax incremental district   prior to its closure to include street-paving projects anticipated to occur within the district or within one-half mile of the district's boundaries.

  • 120060 Resolution directing the Department of City Development to provide the Common Council with annual reports on the status of implementation of the Citywide Policy Plan.
  • 111219 Resolution directing the Department of Administration - Intergovernmental Relations Division to lobby the United States Attorney General to issue new regulations relating to the safe disposal of pharmaceutical controlled substances.
  • 110837 Resolution relative to the application, acceptance and funding of an Inflow and Infiltration grant from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District totaling $3.4 Million for the project in the area bounded by: North 82nd Street to North 92nd Street from West Center Street to West Burleigh Street and authorizing and directing the Commissioner of Public Works to execute a funding agreement between the City of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.
  • 101429 A substitute ordinance relating to the inclusion of reverse auctions in the purchasing appeals process.
  • 100771 A substitute ordinance relating to zoning regulations for cash-for-gold businesses, pawn shops, currency exchanges, payday loan stores and title loan stores.
  • 100418 Resolution creating a Flooding Study Task Force to recommend remedies for storm water and sewage backup flooding of City residential and commercial properties, and flooding of streets and alleyways. 

  • 100146 Substitute resolution establishing a work group to investigate and plan a Milwaukee City Hall Historical Exhibit.

Previous key legislation introduced by Alderman Bohl:
·                     090706 Resolution directing the Commissioner of City Development to prepare amendments to project plans for tax incremental districts likely to be closed out in 2011 or 2012.
·                     090623 A substitute ordinance relating to the inclusion of street-paving costs in the project plans for newly-created tax incremental districts.
·                     090352 A substitute charter ordinance relating to review and approval of certain city contracts.
·                     081744 Substitute resolution directing the Commissioner of City Development and the City Comptroller to provide information relating to possible use of tax incremental financing to fund public infrastructure projects outside the boundaries of tax incremental districts.
·                     081584 An ordinance relating to statements required of individuals seeking to be considered disabled persons when applying for loading zone permits.
·                     080461 Substitute resolution establishing an Alcohol Beverage Licensing Task Force.
·                     080046 Resolution authorizing the acceptance and expenditure of up to $150,000 in private contributions to the Hartung Park project for purchasing various park amenities.Resolution relating to the funding and construction of Phase I of Hartung Park with a State of Wisconsin Stewardship Local Assistance Grant with a total project cost of $500,000 with a grantor share of $250,000 and a city match of $250,000.
·                     071402 Resolution relating to the funding and construction of Phase I of Hartung Park with a State of Wisconsin Stewardship Local Assistance Grant with a total project cost of $500,000 with a grantor share of $250,000 and a city match of $250,000.
·                     070324 Substitute resolution reserving and appropriating up to $50,000 from the 2007 Common Council Contingent Fund to hire a consultant to review and evaluate the condition of the City of Milwaukee’s streets and related maintenance and reconstruction procedures.
·                     060222 Substitute resolution reserving and appropriating up to $1.5 million from the 2006 Special Purpose Account - Community Services Staffing for the purpose of funding additional police recruit training and police overtime.
·                     060537 An ordinance relating to zoning regulations for payday loan agencies.
·                     061135 An ordinance relating to the definition of nuisance activity with respect to chronic nuisance premises. Code 80-10.


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