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Dec. 18  Milwaukee celebration of life and work of Nelson Mandela this evening
Dec. 17 
Andrea Williams is special guest host for Milwaukee celebration of life and work of Nelson Mandela
Dec. 16 
UPDATED MEDIA ADVISORY: News conference to highlight public celebration of life and work of Nelson Mandela
Dec. 16
  MEDIA ADVISORY: News conference to highlight public celebration of life and work of Nelson Mandela
Dec. 6 
Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Official Statement from the Republic of South Africa
Dec. 5
  Loss of Nelson Mandela felt in Milwaukee, worldwide
Dec. 3 
Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Bed-sharing tragedies are senseless, preventable and shameful
Dec. 2  Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: City leaders are right to crack down on duty disability retirement abuse
Nov. 19 
Alderman Davis: NLC’s Congress of Cities and Exposition provided superb training and knowledge-building opportunities
Oct. 30  Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Return of guns to former cop shows system that needs fixing
Oct. 2  Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Time for quick end to federal shutdown

Sept. 25
 Milwaukee advances to second phase of NLC’s black male achievement grant
Sept. 5  Common Council reallocates federal funding to support community-based initiatives
Aug. 27  Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Searching for a culprit in Milwaukee violence? Let’s all look in the mirror.

Aug. 9  Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: ‘Divide and Conquer’ politics stagnates Milwaukee’s economy, shuts out black males

July 26  Major conference next week will attract national and international guests  |  NBC-LEO Summer Conference Schedule
July 16  Committee shifts more community development funding directly to local organizations
July 11 Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Public's help requested to apprehend armed robber I ATTACHMENT
July 10  “Nelson Mandela Day” in Milwaukee July 18; join the global movement for good
June 14  Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Prayers for former President Nelson Mandela
June 13  Polish museum management delegation set for City Hall visit, welcome
June 7  Madison High School Community Learning Center (CLC) beautification project artwork to be unveiled
May 29  Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Milwaukee needs greater investment in human capital
May 8  MEDIA ADVISORY: SDC’s 7th Annual Spring Community Job and Resource Fair is May 18

May 2  Milwaukee among 11 cities selected in NLC black male achievement project
Apr. 23  MEDIA ADVISORY: South African Consul General to attend Freedom Day celebrations in Milwaukee
Apr. 3  Statement of Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Injury to MPD Sergeant a wake-up call to Milwaukee youth
Apr. 1  Statement from Aldermen Coggs, Perez, Hamilton, Bauman, Murphy, Kovac, Zielinski, Davis and Hines: Referendum on same-day registration a
chance to make residents’ voices heard

Mar. 19  Immigration summit next week will feature key experts, timely discussions
Feb. 6 
Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Scrutiny of MPD is not carte blanche for criminals
Feb. 1 
President Obama proclaims February National African American History Month
Feb. 1 
Immigration reform holds promise for Milwaukee, U.S., aldermen say
Jan. 16  
Statement from Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.: Innocent until proven guilty 
Jan. 14 
Indonesian Consul General set for City Hall visit, welcome


Dec. 10  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Davis to discuss new details in FPC’s officer reinstatement case  |  STATEMENT
Dec. 6  Alderman Davis selected for NLC National Black Caucus leadership post
Dec. 4  Alderman Davis named to National League of Cities Board of Directors for 2nd term
Nov. 29  Deadline for free foreclosure review program could affect thousands in Milwaukee
Oct. 10  STATEMENT: Pattern and practice of potential police misconduct warrants federal investigation
Oct. 8  Youth Council ready to begin new session; two seats stand vacant
Sept. 26  Alderman Davis introduces file for more info on MPD’s standard operating procedures
Sept. 24  MEDIA ADVISORY: Common Council members will call for U.S. Attorney investigation into Derek Williams death  |  JOINT STATEMENT: U.S. Attorney’s insight needed in Williams death investigation

July 18  REMINDER: Nelson Mandela Day film screening, event taking place today
July 17  UPDATED: Film screening, event to mark Nelson Mandela Day
July 13  MEDIA ADVISORY: Debra Usinger to be posthumously recognized for her dedication and contributions to Milwaukee
July 2  STATEMENT: Alderman Davis calls for maximum penalties for fireworks violations
June 12  Optional sewer line warranty program now has more than 10,000 enrolled
May 11  Ald. Davis and Sen. Taylor will join in protest against proposed smoke shop
May 7  Thousands enroll in optional sewer line warranty program in initial sign-up period
Apr. 4  City to receive check during Thursday news conference
Mar. 26  Sewer line protection program letters will go out this week
Mar. 8  Youth Council to Send Delegation to 2012 Congressional City Conference
Mar. 1  Youth summer jobs available with USDA 
Feb. 28  Information coming on sewer line protection program
Feb. 22  STATEMENT: Milwaukee Police Continue to Succeed
Jan. 30  STATEMENT: Police and neighbor help end burglary spree
Jan. 6  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Davis to Attend Prayer Vigil for Bradley Tech Student


Nov. 14  Public Meeting this week about Possible USPS Station Closures
Nov. 14  Petition Effort Calls for Keeping Milwaukee USPS Stations Open
Oct. 31  Council Members See Opportunity for Much Needed Infrastructure Work
Sept. 28  Alderman to take part in Sister Cities Exchange Event at UWM
Sept. 27  Alderman Davis Partners with City Agencies to Avert Health Hazard
Sept. 12  Committee to Hear File on Possible Closing of USPS Facilities  |  File 110539
Aug. 29  Council Members Lobby Against Post Office Closings  |  Letter
Aug. 10  Milwaukee Youth Council Members Prioritize Positive Youth Actions
July 19  2012 Funding Allocation Plan Focuses Block Grant Dollars on the Community
July 13  Workshop Scheduled for HUD Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program
July 12  MEDIA ADVISORY: Hearings Set for City’s Community Development Block Grant Funding  |  Memo
July 12  Council asked to take Stand Against High-Alcohol “Blast” Beverage  |  Council File
June 29  New Loan Program Aimed at those Facing Foreclosure
June 28  Dangerous Speeds on North 64th & North 68th Streets Prompt Action by Alderman
May 16  MEDIA ADVISORY: Ald. Davis Hosts Evening Forum to Address Black Male Achievement
May 13  MEDIA ADVISORY: Ald. Davis Hosts Charity Basketball Game to Help Family of Teen Killed at Scrap Yard
May 5  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Davis to Help Host Rally to Remember Boy Killed at Scrap Yard
Apr. 18  MEDIA ADVISORY: Resurfacing of W. Appleton Ave. Topic of Public Information Meeting
Apr. 14  STATEMENT: Ald. Davis Says Motives Should not be Called into Question
Mar. 2  Alderman Davis to Lead National League of Cities International Council Forum on Foreign Trade
Jan. 20  Common Council Approves New Payment Terms for Contractors


Nov. 23  Alderman Joe Davis Appointed to Key International Council
Nov. 11  Common Council “On Board” in Rail Support Letter to USDOT Sec’y Ray LaHood  |  Letter
Nov. 9 
Inauguration Ceremony Wednesday for Milwaukee Youth Council
Oct. 25 
STATEMENT: Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. on Son's Arrest
Oct. 22  MEDIA ADVISORY: Volunteers to Join Alderman Davis in Cleanup of Elderly Couple’s Flood Damaged Basement
Oct. 21  Committee Approves Measure that May Bring Reduced Rates for Flood Insurance
Oct. 13  Milwaukee Residents may get Reduced Rates for Flood Insurance
Sept. 27  STATEMENT: Time is Now for Residents to Seek FEMA Assistance
Sept. 17  MEDIA ADVISORY: Public Invited to Emergency Flood Disaster Meeting
Aug. 18  STATEMENT: Alderman Joe Davis on Flooding Aftermath, Likely Causal Factors, Need for Fund to Help Victims
Aug. 5  MEDIA ADVISORY: Students to Attend PGA Clinics Through Fellowship Open
July 28  STATEMENT: Ald. Joe Davis Regarding Applebee’s at Midtown Center Closing
July 15  MEDIA ALERT: City Residents Can Use Online Report Form for Backups
July 15  MEDIA ADVISORY: Youth Interns Will Hear About Importance of Work
July 13  National League of Cities Calls for Immigration Reform
July 6 
MEDIA ADVISORY: Agreement Linking South African University and UW-Milwaukee to be Signed
June 25 
MEDIA ADVISORY: Committee to Discuss Leveraging Funds
June 21  MEDIA ADVISORY: Fire Symptom of Need to Secure Vacant Properties
Apr. 21  Milwaukee Goes International in Poverty Relief
Apr. 6  STATEMENT: Parents: It’s Curfew Time in the City of Milwaukee – Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Not Knowing Could Cost You  |  Legislation Text
Feb. 17  Milwaukee to be Represented at World Urban Forum
Feb. 8  Ald. Joe Davis Re-appointed To National League Of Cities Finance Committee
Feb. 5  MEDIA ADVISORY: Two Fish & Five Loaves Brings Food Philosophy to Midtown
Feb. 1  Council Panel to Examine Foreclosure Crisis in City of Milwaukee Today
Jan. 29  Council Panel to Examine Foreclosure Crisis in City of Milwaukee
Jan. 28  MEDIA ADVISORY: Scheduled Brownout in District 2 Raises Concerns - News Conference Today
Jan. 27  MEDIA ADVISORY: Scheduled Brownout in District 2 Raises Concerns
Jan. 19 
National League of Cities’ Prescription Drug Discount Program in Milwaukee Incredible Success
Jan. 19 
Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. Appointed To Top NLC Leadership Post


Dec. 23  Christmas Gift from City to be Delivered Soon
Dec. 17  Holiday Lighting Ceremony Today
Oct. 7  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Davis and Community Leaders to Speak Out on Shooting
Oct. 2  Ald. Joe Davis Named To National League Of Cities Nominating Committee
Sept. 21  STATEMENT: Ald. Joe Davis, Sr. Regarding Lowe’s at Midtown Center Closing
Aug. 27  Ald. Joe Davis Appointed To League Of Wisconsin Municipalities’ Committee
Jul. 13  Public Hearings Scheduled for City’s CDBG Plans
Jul. 13  New Midtown Center Restaurant Credited for Hiring Local Residents, Contractors
Jul. 6  MEDIA ADVISORY: Police Officer Who Helped Catch Gun Suspects to be Honored
Jun. 25  Fireworks Safety Reminders Explode In Cyberspace
Jun. 18  STATEMENT: Alderman Davis Regarding Homicide in 2nd District on June 17, 2009
May 22  March4Freedom To Bring Positive, Anti-Violence Message
Apr. 14  Milwaukee Joins Prescription Discount Program
Apr. 14  For Sale Vehicles Will Need Permit if Parked on Public Property
Apr. 14  Common Council Says “Yes” to Push Bill Requiring Child Care Van Safety Alarms
Apr. 13  Common Council to Seek Passage of Bill Requiring Child Care Van Safety Check
Mar. 25  Benefits Ordinance Approved by Common Council
Mar. 23  MEDIA ADVISORY: Carora to Confirm Sister City Status
Mar. 20  MEDIA ADVISORY: Carora to Confirm Sister City Status
Mar. 2  STATEMENT: Alderman Davis on MPS Board Meeting
Feb. 12  Ald. Joe Davis Appointed As Representative To NLC Committee
Jan. 27  Ald. Joe Davis Appointed To National League Of Cities Finance Committee
Jan. 14  Wal-Mart Grants Presented To Two Community Groups Today


Dec. 5  STATEMENT: Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. on Sheriff Clarke
Nov. 18  Ald. Joe Davis Secures National League Of Cities Board Of Directors Position
Nov. 18  MEDIA ADVISORY: Ald. Davis To Attend “Cord Cutting” Ceremony Today
Oct. 31  Light Rail Infrastructure Amendment To Be Offered On Council Floor
Oct. 6  Ald. Joe Davis Invited To Attend HUD Summit On Housing
Oct. 6  Ald. Davis And MPS Partner To Recruit For Milwaukee Youth Council
Sep. 30  Ald. Davis Shares Ideas With National League Of Cities
Aug. 6  MEDIA ADVISORY: Community Must Exert Pressure To End Hmong Gang Shootings
Jul. 31  Council Action Creates Initiative With Antwone Fisher In Mind
Jul. 23  Mayor Joins Ald. Joe Davis In Applauding House Passage Of Foreclosure Prevention Bill
May 22  March4Freedom To Bring Positive, Anti-Violence Message
May 1  Ald. Davis Honors Sister City Agreement With Council Resolution
Apr. 29  City Hall Ceremony To Mark Signing of Sister City Agreement With South African City
Apr. 25  Ald. Davis Honored For Advocating Minority Business Growth In Wisconsin
Mar. 31  National League Of Cities' Top Issues Mirror Milwaukee's Plans
Mar. 10  Ald. Joe Davis Leads Live Congressional City Conference Foreclosure Panel On CSPAN
Feb. 26  Ald. Davis To Guide National League Of Cities Workshops On Foreclosure Crisis
Jan. 28  Foster Care Issues To Be Examined During City Hall Event Tuesday

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