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Ald. Zielinski Co-Sponsors Addition of 20 More Cops to City Budget

In response to high-profile crime, citywide, the Milwaukee Common Council signed off upon a 2014 city budget that adds 120 officers to the city’s police force, in addition to funding 50 existing police positions for which grant funding was running out.

This was an increase in the number of police positions funded by the Mayor’s proposed budget. Alderman Zielinski was among the co-sponsors of a budget amendment that increased by 20 the number of police positions that will be added in 2014. The intent is to have one class of 50 police recruits added to the force in early 2014, a class of 35 recruits added around mid-year and a final class of 35 recruits added late in the year.

“Putting more boots on the ground is a common sense way to increase public safety,” Alderman Zielinski said. “I told my colleagues who voted against this boost in police presence that if they don’t want the extra cops in their neighborhoods, we will certainly take them in the 14th Aldermanic District.”