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Register Now For a Community Garden Plot

Registration for the Garden District Community Garden is now open. The Garden District Neighborhood Association is now accepting deposits and beginning to map out plots for this year.

To have a plot, there is a rental fee of $25 that will go toward expenses associated with the garden such as materials, seeds, plant purchases and improvements. There is also a $25 clean-up deposit required that will be returned to the plot owner in the fall when the plants have been removed from the plot and the area is cleared out.

In the garden, there are two types of plots and two different sets of gardens. The plot can be in-ground or it can by raised. There is also the option to plant organically or conventionally.

As a member of the community garden, the gardener is encouraged to volunteer for at least one work day during the season to help out on a variety of events such as planting, mulching, garden maintenance, cutting the grass, compost maintenance or anything else that needs to be done. The member also has the opportunity to volunteer with the seed exchange, grant writing, fundraising and the Garden Awards.

There will be events hosted by the Garden District Neighborhood Association throughout the summer such as craft fairs, seed exchanges, farmers’ markets and an award ceremony. The GDNA also has a Garden Committee that meets on the first Tuesday of every month for planning meetings, hosting guest speakers and going on tours.

Please contact Dawn Riegel of the Garden District Neighborhood Association with any questions at 414-379-2450 or, or download the plot application.