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Commercial Code Enforcement

The Commercial Enforcement Section is responsible for enforcing the building codes as they apply to all commercial businesses. New ordinances have been passed that impact Vacant Buildings and Abandoned Property in Pre-Foreclosure

Fire Code Violations
Existing buildings are inspected for compliance with fire codes and building safety codes. Many owners can avoid violations by learning what are the most commonly cited violations. Download our Common Fire Code Violation Brochure (DNS-149) for more information. 

There isn't a set amount for a single fire code violation. Under penalties or failure to comply (200-19), violations that are cited on a notice from our department an owner may be subjected to prosecution and to daily penalties of $150 to $10,000 in the manner provided in Section 200-19.

Occupancies with a high fire risk such as places of assembly and hazardous materials may require a Fire Prevention Permit

Reinspection Fees
Owners may be subject to reinspection fees in accordance with Section 200-33-48, of City Code of Ordinances a fee may be charged for any reinspection, except no fee shall be charged for the final reinspection when compliance is recorded. The fee is $101.40* for the first reinspection and 202.80* for the second and all subsequent reinspections. (*Reinspection fees include a 1.6% Training & Technology Charge). Reinspection fees shall be a lien upon the real estate where the reinspection were made and shall be assessed and collected as a special tax.

Junk Collecting
Read our Requirements for Junk Collectors for the requirements to collect junk, what forms must be filed and what limits to the operation of collecting junk. 

Home Occupation License
Download the Home Occupation License Application (DNS-164) to apply. If the building is leased or rented you, will need the Owner's Consent Form

Milwaukee Sign Ordinance 
Review the law, find out how many, how large and where signs can go. Our Milwaukee Sign Ordinance Brochure covers most instances. If you have a specific question or want to ask "what if" question, call the Development Center at (414) 286-8211.

Minimum Heating Requirements  
Click the link above for seasonal heating requirements. 

Smoke and Fire Alarm Testing
DNS is require to enforce the testing and maintenance requirements for all fire alarm systems. For more details regarding the requirements, read our Fire Alarm Testing Requirements Sheet


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Carbon Monoxide Brochure DNS-139

Use this brochure to determine where to place carbon monoxide alarms in one - and two-family homes, as well as multi-unit buildings that contain fuel-burning appliances.

Commercial Fire Code Brochure DNS-149

This brochure contains information on fire codes as they apply to commercial buildings. Review it to make sure you have the proper alarm systems and permits in place to conduct business safely.

Storefront Sign Regulations

This brochure contains information about placement and limitations of signage around places of business. Use this brochure before installing a sign to determine if a permit is necessary or if there are other limitations.

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