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New Ordinances & Amendments


Below is a summary of recently established or amended ordinance provisions relating to licenses and permits issued by the License Division. Detailed information relating to the contents of any file may be found by searching under the file number on Legistar.

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Ordinance Established or Amended 

File Number



11/26/2014 Food Dealer Licenses 140895
  This ordinance revises definitions and regulations related to various Food Dealer licenses.  
9/1/2014 Public Passenger Vehicles 131800
  This ordinance relates to public passenger vehicle licensing, regulation and enforcement.  
8/8/2014 Alcohol Beverage Premises 140374
  This ordinance relates to license requirements for separate premises where alcohol beverages are kept, sold or offered for sale.  
7/12/14 Junk Dealers and Junk Collectors 131726
  This ordinance deals with the information required of junk dealer and collector truck applicants including signage and the submittal of photographs of licensed vehicles.  
7/12/14 Location of Class "A" or Class "B" Premises 131659
  This ordinance amends the 300 foot restriction from an alcohol beverage premise to a church, school, day care center of hospital.  
6/20/14 Public Entertainment Premises 140130
  This ordinance deals with the showing of motion pictures by eleemosynary organizations on city or county land.  
5/31/14 Public Passenger Vehicle Codes 140015
  This ordinance corrects errors relating to public passenger vehicle codes.  
5/31/14 Temporary Food Dealer Licenses 131716
  This ordinance restricts applicants who have applied for but has not been issued a food dealer's license from being issued a temporary food dealer's license unless it is approved by the local council member.  
5/31/14 Secondhand Dealer Licensing 131641
  This ordinance updates secondhand dealer regulations and provides additional exceptions to secondhand dealer transaction reporting requirements.  
5/9/14 Standardization of Licensing Procedures 131559
  This ordinance standardizes licensing procedures and transfers administrative resposibility for issuance of various licenses to the city clerk's office from other city departments.  
5/9/14 Licensing Procedures 131502
  This ordinance standardizes transfer fees and licensing procedures.  
4/22/14 Food License Regulations 131552
  This ordinance relates to the reordering, revising and clarifying launguage of food license regulations.  
4/22/14 Class "B" Special Alcohol Licenses 131547
  This ordinance allows the local common council member to set the term of a Class "B" special alcohol license up to a maximum of 14 consecutive days.  
3/21/14 Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Public Places 131408
  This ordinance relates to the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places including parking lots and upon commercial quadricycles.  
2/28/14 Locations where selling articles from parked vehicles is prohibited 131369
  This ordinance relates to additional areas where selling articles from parked vehicles is prohibited.  
2/28/14 New License Applications after Revocation 131324
  This ordinance relates to the filing of new applications when a license has been revoked.  
2/28/14 Secondhand Dealers 131368
  This ordinance relates to minors engaging in business dealings with a secondhand dealer.  
2/01/14 Public Passenger Vehicles 130903
  This ordinance authorizes the issuance of 100 new taxicab permits and amends regulations related to public passenger vehicles.  
1/9/14 Provisional Renewal Licenses 121667
  This ordinance allows license holders to apply for a provisional renewal of their license if they file a renewal application on or before the expiration date of their current license but the Common Council will not be able to meet to take action on the application prior to the expiration of the license.  


10/11/13 Public Utilities on Licensed Premises 130644
  This ordinance requires the operators of licensed premises to ensure compliance with federal requirements related to utility services made made available to members of the public.  
4/10/13 Temporary Food Event 120511
  This ordinance creates a special Temporary Food Event License for nonprofit organizations.  
4/10/13 Pawnbroker License 120706
  No pawnbroker license may be transferred.  
4/10/13 Secondhand Dealers 121478
  This ordinance relates to record keeping and transaction records reported by secondhand dealers.  
3/26/13 Temporary Public Entertainment Premises 121592
  Authorized public entertainment events in the City Hall rotunda are exempt from licensure.  
3/15/13 Food Dealer License Applications 120911
  If a new Food Dealer License application is denied by the local Common Council member, the applicant must file an appeal with the License Division within 10 days of notification.  
3/15/13 Class "A" and Class "B" Intoxicating Liquor 121137
  No license for the sale of intoxicating liquor may be issued for premises within 300 feet of the main entrance of any church, school, day care center, or hospital.  
1/10/13 Secondhand Dealers 121052
  Video game sales are no longer exempt from Secondhand Dealer licensure.  


12/14/12 Application Disqualification/License Surrender 120829
  This ordinance relates to applicants who withdraw license applications or surrender current licenses.  
11/29/12 Amusement Machine and Jukebox Distributors 120842
  Residency requirements for these licensees have changed.  
10/12/12 State Tax Documentation 120486
  Applicants for business licenses are now required to submit state tax documentation before the issuance of the license.  
10/12/12 Code Clarification 120029
  Code relating to licenses has been revised for clarification and correction purposes.  
8/10/12 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licenses 120397
  Record-keeping practices and related penalties are updated in this ordinance.  
8/10/12 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licenses 120349
  This ordinance relates to the transfer of Cigarette and Tobacco licenses.  
8/10/12 Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers, Junk Collectors, Junk Dealers, and Precious Metal and Gem Dealers 120348
  This ordinance relates to transactions involving the licensed establishment or vehicle.  
8/3/12 Temporary Extension Permits 120373
  Applications approved by the alderperson no longer need to be reviewed by the Licenses Committee.  
6/29/12 Issuance and Posting of Licenses 120118
  This ordinance defines how licenses must be issued and posted or carried.  
6/29/12 Alcohol Beverage Wholesalers and Retail Establishments 120071
  This ordinance relates to licensing provisions for alcohol beverage wholesalers and creates an exemption of movie theaters from restrictions on the presence of underage persons.  
6/12/12 License Applications 120042
  This ordinance standardizes information that must be provided on license applications  
5/1/12 Alcohol Beverage Establishment Licenses 111128
  New applicants for Class "A", Class "B", or Class "C" retail licenses will need to meet with a police department representative to review certain application materials submitted by the applicant.  
4/28/12 Transfer of Licenses 111624
  Licensees may apply to transfer licenses due to change of location, death, disability, bankruptcy, transfer of stock or legal entity re-organization.  
4/28/12 Food Peddler Licenses 111646
  This ordinance revises and clarifies regulations related to food peddlers.  
4/28/12 Fingerprinting 110991
  This ordinance relates to fingerprinting and investigation for license and permit applicants.  
4/28/12 Service Bars 111623
  This ordinance relates to service bars in Class "B" premises.  
3/16/12 Junk Collector Licenses 111273
  New regulations and requirements have been established for Junk Collector licenses.  
3/16/12 License Fees 111352
  Fees for various food, precious metal and gem dealer, secondhand dealer, and public passenger vehicle licenses will change.  
3/16/12 Class "B" Fermented Malt Licenses 111421
  This ordinance amends regulations related to the dispensing and selling of fermented malt beverages on Class "B" premises.  
3/16/12 Surrendered Licenses 111324
  This ordinance establishes a procedure for requesting permission to re-instate surrendered licenses.  
3/16/12 Class "A" Malt and Liquor Licenses 111228
  This ordinance relates to the provision of free taste samples at licensed Class "A" retail establishments.  
 3/1/12 Public Entertainment Premises License 110326
  The public entertainment premises license will replace many of the related licenses, as well other free-standing licenses, such as the carnival license and motion picture licenses  


11/9/11 Direct Sellers 110830
  This ordinance removes the requirement that direct sellers obtain a special privilege permit and also clarifies location-related requirements.  
11/19/11 Class "B" Managers and Home Improvement Contractor Salespersons 110763
  This ordinance requires that if a Class "B" Manager or Home Improvement Contractor Salesperson is no longer employed at the business for which the license was granted, the license shall be surrendered to the License Division within 10 days of terminating employment.  
10/28/11   Lemonade/Kool-aid Stands  110675
  This ordinance exempts lemonade/kool-aid stands run by children from having to obtain a food permit.  
10/28/11 Home Improvement Contractors and Salespersons 110694
  This ordinance adds the provision that a license can be suspended or not renewed if the contractor or salesperson fails to complete work within the specific time period.  
10/28/11 Shooting Galleries 110623
  This ordinance mandates that no license is required for a shooting gallery owned or operated by a government entity which is used for professional training purposes.  
10/7/2011 Electronic Signatures 110599
  This ordinance permits electronic signatures as being legally acceptable.  
10/7/2011 Firearms on Licensed Alcohol Beverage Premises 110624
  This legislation requests that owners of licensed alcohol beverage premises post signs prohibiting firearms on the premises.  
 10/7/2011 Door-to-Door Solicitation 110540
   Creates new legislation relating to door-to-door solicitation.  
10/7/2011  Loading Zone Permits 110591
   Requires that a contact person be provided on a loading zone permit application.  
10/7/2011 Disclosure of Criminal History 110346
  Certain applicants are no longer required to provide information related to their criminal history.  
8/12/2011 Proof of Right to Occupy a Premises for an Alcohol License 110286
  This ordinance creates additional proof that can be provided to demonstrate that the license applicant does have the right to occupy the premises for which they are trying to obtain a license.  
7/23/11 WIthdrawal of a License Application 110227
  This ordinance relates to disqualification for licensing following withdrawal of a license application by the applicant  
7/1/11 Limousine License Change 070628
  This ordinance removes the requirement that only specific types of vehicles can be licensed as limousines and mandates that drivers wear business attire.  
7/1/11 Food-Related Changes 110150
  This ordinance made minor changes to the food licenses to codify current city procedures.  
6/30/11 Video Cameras in Convenience Stores 101298
  This ordinance amends the number and location of required video cameras in convenience stores.  
6/14/11 Public Passenger Vehicle Permits 110045
  This ordinance permits the City Clerk's Office to issue public passenger vehicle permits provided certain conditions are met.  
6/14/11 Professional Photographer's License 100490
  This ordinance changes the license from a one-year to a two-year license for professional photographers.  
6/1/11 Recommendations of the Private Alarm Systems Task Force 101025
  This ordinance adopts the recommendations of the Task Force relating to licensing of alarm companies and their sales personnel.  
5/20/11 Henry W. Maier Festival Park Grounds 101561
   This ordinance exempts applicants for alcohol beverage retail establishment licenses for premises upon the Henry W. Maier Festival Park grounds from certification requirements and procedures.  
5/20/11 Amusement and Phonograph Machines 101560
  This ordinance relates to the placement, licensing and permitting of amusement machines and phonograph machines and increases the license and permit fees.  
5/20/11 Junk Collectors, Junk Dealers and Certain Secondhand Dealers 100365
  This ordinance amends the recordkeeping and reporting requirements for junk collectors, junk dealer and certain secondhand dealers  
4/9/11 Liability Insurance for Home Improvement Contractors 101409
  Changes the insurance requirements for home improvement contractors to permit a lump sum amount rather than breakdowns among various categories.  
5/1/11 Recording Studios Open Between 12 A.M. and 5 A.M. 100931
  Recording studios open between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m., except for specific exemptions, are required to obtain extended hours establishment licenses.  
3/18/11 Provisions Relating to Food Dealers, Ice Cream Peddlers and Two Health Dept. Boards 101299
  This ordinance amended code provisions relating to food dealers and ice cream peddlers as a result of the City Clerk's Office assuming the issuing of these licenses, as well as deleting city residency requirements for two health boards.  
3/18/11 Findings of Fact for New Food Dealer Licenses 101291
  This ordinance eliminates the requirement to create findings of fact for new food dealer licenses which are recommended for denial at committee.  
3/18/11 Over-Concentration of Food Dealers 101290
  This ordinance allows a committee hearing which may result in suspension, denial, non-renewal or denial of a food dealer license based upon a concern of over-concentration of these licenses in an area.  
1/13/11 Human Services Vehicle Exclusion as Public Passenger Vehicles 100927
  This ordinance repeals the exclusion for human service vehicles from the definition of public passenger vehicles.  
1/13/11 Suspension of Public Passenger Vehicle Drivers' Licenses 100926
  This ordinance adds the provision that if a public passenger vehicle's state driver's license is cancelled, that the corresponding public passenger vehicle license is also suspended.  
1/13/11 Evidence Offered and Admitted at Public Hearings 101024
  This ordinance delineates the changes made to evidence which will be offered and accepted at public hearings.  
1/13/11 Class "B" Special Licenses 100925
  This ordinance waives the 45-day deadline to file an application for a Class "B" special license as long as the applicant waives his or her right to appeal hearing if time does not permit one to be held prior to the event.  
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