Occupant Engagement

The Occupant Engagement award highlights the building team that has done the best job in communicating their energy efficiency goals and initiatives to their tenants or other occupants and has engaged their occupants to implement initiatives within their individual leased spaces (where applicable) to support the building goals and initiatives.

Judging Criteria

Occupant Engagment Judging Criteria
Criteria Weight


Description of the building's tenant/occupant engagement program and efforts - may include

  • Communication of defined goals
  • Measures required or suggested for implementation to reach defined goals (ex. clause in lease documents, etc.)
  • Examples of tenant/occupant communications about the building's energy efficiency goals and initiatives and encouraging energy efficient behavior
  • Examples of tools/resources/building-sponsored programs provided to tenants/occupants to engage them in building-wide initiatives and assist them in implementation of energy efficiency measures


Documentation of how occupant engagement contributed to energy, water, and waste reductions in the building



Nomination application is clear, complete, and provides compelling information


Nominator Information

Please fill out the information below so that we may contact you if there are any questions on your nominations.

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Are you connected with the project(s)/participant(s) that you are nominating? Yes No

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Occupant Engagement

Building Information

Which building are you nominating for their occupant engagement?

Building Street Address

Building City

Please list the team members involved in occupant engagement for the building you are nominating.

Team Member Name Role

Additional team members and roles:

Please list any tenants that have been active in improving their energy efficiency.

Occupant Engagement Information

Please describe the building's occupant engagement program, including but not limited to

  • Communication of energy efficiency goals, including examples of this communication
  • Energy efficiency measures required or suggested to occupants
  • Tools, resources, and programs provided to occupants to engage them in building-wide initiatives

Please provide any results in energy, water, or waste reduction that can be attributed to occupant engagement and behavior change.

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