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Worker Compensation Claims for City Employees Administered by
Gallagher Bassett effective October 3, 2016

As of October 3, 2016, Gallagher Basset Services, Inc. (GB) became the City’s third party administrator (TPA) for all worker compensation claims. GB has been in the risk management services industry since 1962 and has had a presence in the state of Wisconsin since 1981.  GB offices are located in the City of Milwaukee at 115 S. 84th Street.  The transition to GB as the City’s TPA for worker compensation claims will provide:

  • timely and compassionate interaction with a triage nurse immediately after the injury occurs;
  • clinical management tools to identify and recommend the best outcomes based networks for injured employees to address their injuries;
  • medical and field case management services to ensure the most appropriate care for the injured employee and to help the employee or his/her family address the employee’s medical needs;
  • a Bridge to Work Program that provides temporary off-site transitional work when return to work options within your department are not available given an injured employee’s medical restrictions; 
  • predictive analytics to assess and minimize department specific safety risks; and,
  • tools to identify loss trends, help implement the appropriate interventions, and minimize or prevent future risks.

The most critical  change being implemented with this transition is the requirement to call 1-844-MIL-CLMS (1-844-645-2567) to report a claim. This dedicated line will be staffed by Registered Nurses who will collect information regarding the injury, assess the situation, and make a recommendation of care. The call to this service, referred to as Priority Care 365, will complete the reporting of the injury claim and generate the First Report of Injury. If the incident involves a medical emergency employees should seek medical attention immediately or call  911. When the claim has to be reported after medical attention is received, the claim should be reported to GB directly by pressing 2 after calling 1-844-645-2567. Reporting the claim to GB directly using this number ensures that the claim is processed immediately.  Although claims can also be faxed to 844-672-1321 or emailed to, when the claim is not generated by PC 365, a delay of 24 to 48 hours may be experienced. 

Below are materials to help facilitate the transition and educate all relevant parties.

Please call 286-2020 if you have questions about this transition. We are confident that this change will enhance the care needed by injured employees while increasing the City’s capacity to control costs and minimize safety hazards.