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The Home Rehabilitation Loan & Rental Rehabilitation Loan Programs are available only in these target areas:  

BORCHERT FIELD  -  Map  -  Flyer  NOTE:  This area has expanded as of May 14, 2014 (See Map link as left)

Keefe to Chambers / 8th to 14th
Contact:  Denise Wooten at 414-374-9694 

BURNHAM-LAYTON  -  Map  -  Flyer  - Flyer (Español)

Layton Boulevard (27th St) to 30th / Burnham to Lincoln
Partner:  Layton Boulevard West Neighbors
Contact: Kate Wolf at 414-944-6007

CENTURY CITY  -  Map  -  Flyer

Capitol to Burleigh / 27th to 36th
Partner: Northwest Side Community Development Corporation
Contact: (East of 31st St) Gracelyn Wilson of the NW Side CDC at 414-444-8206,
Or contact: (West of 31st St) Wendy Hamilton of the Sherman Park Community Association
at 414-444-9803, ext. 107

MARTIN DRIVE (New for 2014) -  Map  -  Flyer

State to Vliet / Highland Bl to I-41
Contact:  Martin Drive Neighborhood Association
Pat Mueller at 414-933-5589

MERRILL PARK  -  Map  -  Flyer

Wisconsin to Park Hill / St. Paul and 27th to 35th
Contact Merrill Park Neighborhood Association
Bob Greene at 414-933-7577

MITCHELL-KOSCIUSZKO  -  Map - Flyer - Flyer (Espaňol)
(NOTE:  This TIN has been expanded for 2014.

6th to 11th / Lincoln to Maple
5th to 6th / Becher to Maple
Partner:  Southside Organizing Committee
Contact:  Misael Hernandez at 414-672-8090

PULASKI PARK (New for 2014)
 Map  -  Flyer   Flyer (Espaňol)

16th to Windlake (diagonal street) / to 20th
Becher to Lincoln
Partner:  16th Street Community Health Center
Contact:  Amanda Milford at 414-385-3746
Contact:  Iris Gonzalez at 414-385-3745

ST JOSEPH'S (New for 2014)  -  Map  -  Flyer

Locust to Burleigh / Sherman Bl to 52nd
Partner:  Sherman Park Community Association
Contact:  Wendy Hamilton at 414-444-9803, ext. 107

WOODLANDS  -  Map  -  Flyer

For Woodlands owner-occupied units only
95th to Swan Blvd / Brown Deer Rd to Allyn
Contact: Vanessa L. Llanas of NIDC at 414-286-5626, 

 This page was last updated on 05/14/2014.