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NIDC: 2018 TIN areas

The Home Rehabilitation Loan & Rental Rehabilitation Loan Programs are available only in the target areas below:

BEERLINE Home Rehabilitation Area BEERLINE
Concordia from Holton to 1st / Keefe from Holton to 4th / Beerline Trail from Keefe to Melvina

Partner: Riverworks Development Corporation
Contact: (414) 906-9650 ext 114

BRODY Home Rehabilitation Area

N 55th to 60th St / W Silver Spring Dr to Carmen Ave

Partner: Havenwoods Economic Development Corp.
Contact: Jessica Noth at (414) 431-2271,

CENTURY CITY Home Rehabilitation Area

Capitol to Burleigh / 27th to 36th

Partner: Northwest Side Community Development Corporation
Contact: (East of 31st St) Barbara Nuell-Moore at (414) 444-8204,

Or contact: (West of 31st St) Jermaine Alexander, Sherman Park Community Association
at (414) 444-9803, ext. 100

LAYTON BOULEVARD Home Rehabilitation Area

S 24th St to S 31st St / W Pierce St to W Scott St
WEST of Layton Blvd: (414) 944-6007*
Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, Inc.

EAST of Layton Blvd:  (414) 647-0548 x107*
Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative

* Spanish speaking staff available

LIGHTHOUSE Home Rehabilitation Area

N 67th to N 72nd St / W Florist Ave to W Silver Spring Dr

Partner: Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation
Contact: Jessica Noth at (414) 431-2271,

TRI-BLOCK  Home Rehabilitation Area TRI-BLOCK
N 53rd St to N 56th St / W Burleigh St to W Center St

Partner:  Sherman Park Community Association
Contact:  Jermaine Alexander (414) 444-9803, ext. 100

WALKER SQUARE  Home Rehabilitation Area

S 9th St to S Cesar Chavez Dr / W Walker St to W Scott St

Partner:  Southside Organizing Committee (SOC)
Contact:  (414) 672-8090*
*Spanish Speaking staff available

WASHINGTON PARK  Home Rehabilitation Area

32nd St to 35th St / Galena St to Lloyd St

Partner: Washington Park Partners
Contact: Phoua Vang at (414) 344-1818*,
**Hmong Speaking Staff Available (Kuv hais lus Hmoob) 

This page was last updated on 1/18/2018.


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