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Bid 15598 - VSC for Police Vehicle Equipment and Upfitting

Bid 15598

Specification #70a-C-7a

Attachment #1 - Itemized Pricing Worksheet



The mandatory on-site pre-bid meeting will be held on 02/19/2018 at 9:00 AM CST at 1150 N. Alois Street in Milwaukee, WI, 53208.  All interested bidders must attend this meeting, in its entirety, in order to bid.

Bidders must provide pricing for all items listed on Attachment #1.  Bidders shall include this spreadsheet, along with the Invitation to Bid and the City of Milwaukee Spec. No. 70a-C-7a dated 01/31/2018 at the time of bid submittal.


Purchasing Contact
Cassandra Fawley
(414) 286-3716