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10 TEN TIPS TO MAKE MORE MONEY or 10 WAYS to Make Selling your Property Easier!
or How to Impress a Potential Renter!

Whether you are buying, selling or renting, here are some simple things people can do to improve their property!

1) Let the sun shine in - Check and double-check all bathrooms and bedrooms. Make sure they are bright and airy.

2) Shape-up Your Lawn - Be sure your lawn is moved, trimmed and edged; flower beds cultivated; and your lawn free of debris.

3) Showcase Your Kitchen - Your kitchen should be gleaming and spotless. A well-coordinated and clean kitchen impresses potential buyers.

4) Brighten Up - Check all walls, ceilings and woodwork. If dirty or faded wash or repaint where needed. It's a small investment that can bring an early sale.

5) Top to Bottom - Get rid of all unnecessary articles in your attic and basement. Arrange the remaining articles neatly to show this space to its best advantage.

6) Closet Space - Closets appear larger when they are arranged neatly. Hang clothes properly and place shoes and hats in an orderly fashion.

7) Nip the Drip - Fix those leaky faucets. If you don't, your client could think you have faulty plumbing.

8) It is the Little Things - Take care of sticky drawers, loose doorknobs, and warped cabinet doors. They upset prospects!

9) Clean! Clean! Clean! - Bright windows and spotless rooms help sell your house. Keep rooms furnished. Empty rooms can be depressing.

10) Night Lights - When showing after dark, turn on all lights throughout the house. A well-lit house gives the feeling of friendliness and warmth.

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Last Update 06/16/2016