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Property Recording

The City of Milwaukee requires all property owners to record their ownership information with the Department of Neighborhood Services. Exceptions are made for single-family homes, duplexes, and condominium units if they are owner-occupied. This information is critical for timely contact in the event of an emergency and the speedy resolution of complaints.

Applications can be picked up at the downtown office or printed via the links below. Be sure to follow the directions and read the complete instructions and application before you call for help. Familiarity with the form will help you avoid mistakes and spend less time filling it out. Use of the internet forms requires the Acrobat reader. Get ACROBAT READER.

Be sure to include the proper fee as stated on the form. Also, if required, have your signature notarized. If you bring a picture I.D. you can have your application notarized for FREE at our downtown office.  If you own the property through a legally registered entity, you need to verify your company information and ID number from the state your company is registered in. Visit this website and scroll to the bottom to find the link to the state in which your company is registered.

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Property Recording Forms

Property Recording Instructions

Detailed line-by-line instructions for filling out the Property Recording Application.

Property Recording Application

Used to record a property with the department. Filled out by the new owner. (Note:This is a legal size document.)

Property Recording Ordinance

Link to Milwaukee Code of Ordinances containing information about Property Recording Ordinance. Look under 200-51.5

Condo Association Application

Condo Associations ONLY (instructions and application). All condominium associations must record on separate applications. This is different from the general property recording application.

Seller Notification

Previous owner uses to inform department of the sale of a property and identifies the new owner.

Add Properties

A form for owners to add a list of additional properties to their name on one application.

Add Owners

A form to add a list of owners to a property recording application.

Operator Resignation

Used to notify department that operator is no longer in control of property. (Relieves operator from responsibility.)

Preferred Contact Resignation

Used to notify department that the preferred contact is no longer listed with that property.

Change Water Bill Address

Form to use to alert the water utility about a new place to send the water bill.

Change Tax Bill Address

Learn how to request a name or address change on my tax bill.

Updated 03/26/15

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