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What is LVP?

Life Ventures Partnership (LVP) is a collaborative public/private initiative created to promote the future vitality of Milwaukee’s regional economy by preparing young people to become life-long learners, skilled workers, and engaged citizens LVP fosters effective collaborations by serving as an intermediary between schools, youth-serving agencies, and the private sector; offering support for their youth workforce development efforts, helping ensure that the goals of all partners are met. LVP supports a broad range of school-, community-, and workplace-based programs to better prepare Milwaukee’s youth for college and career success. LVP is looking for additional business partners for the 2013-2014 school year.


Why should my business get involved with LVP?

Participating in youth workforce development is a great way to invest in the local community, economy, and workforce. Being engaged in the community promotes employee and customer loyalty. Plus educating youth about your company and industry helps attract talented potential employees, increases workforce diversity and is a means of professional development for current employees.

LVP links your company into an expansive network of school, community, and business partners that allows you to invest in your company and your community at the same time. LVP makes it easy for you to get involved. Browse our Participation Menu and tell us how you’d like to be involved; or scan our Volunteer Opportunity Calendar  to easily find an opportunity that fits your schedule.


What can my business do as part of LVP?

Participation options range from one-time or short-term activities like hosting a student tour of your business, to serving as an occasional career coach; to longer-term commitments such as serving as a mentor or placing a youth in a work-based learning opportunity. LVP can match your needs and capabilities to a broad range of partnership opportunities. See our Participation Menu for a description of the options.


Who coordinates LVP?

The Milwaukee Department of City Development convenes and facilitates partnerships between interested schools, youth-serving agencies, students, and businesses throughout the city and region.


Is there a time commitment?

There are many options for participation – one-time, short-term, and extended-term opportunities are available. It all depends on what’s right for you and your company. LVP staff will guide you to find the right opportunity and community partner to fit your needs and goals. 


Is there a fee for participating in LVP?

Generally, no. There are no fees for participation; however, certain paid work experience programs for student may require the business to pay wages.  


Who can I contact for more information about LVP?

Contact William Malone at or call 414-286-5894.


LVP seeks to expand and improve youth workforce development efforts in Milwaukee by sharing resources, facilitating and supporting collaborations between the public and private sectors, and advocating for youth workforce development partners in the community.

LVP’s vision is that the public and private sectors in Milwaukee will effectively and efficiently work together to provide the best college and career readiness programs to the city’s youth.

Contact Information
William J. Malone
Youth Development Coordinator
Phone: 414.286-5894
Dept. of City Development
809 North Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202