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Building stronger neighborhoods - Milwaukee responds to foreclosures

NSP Acquisition/Rehabilitation Program

The Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation (NIDC) and its development partners are selling fully rehabilitated move-in ready homes.  Click here for a list of available properties in your area.


The City of Milwaukee is building stronger neighborhoods through an initiative to address rising mortgage foreclosures

Neighborhoods across the city are being impacted by increasing numbers of foreclosures. Long term homeowners are facing the prospect of losing their home to foreclosure and vacant and abandoned foreclosed properties are negatively impacting city neighborhoods.

The City of Milwaukee and a broad coalition of partners have been working to address the problem of foreclosures in the City of Milwaukee. These efforts are comprehensive, and address the foreclosure problem in a number of ways:

Prevention efforts – to expand outreach efforts and increase education for homeowners and potential homebuyers

Intervention efforts – to assist homebuyers facing foreclosure

Stabilization efforts – to address vacant and abandoned properties in City neighborhoods

In 2008, Mayor Tom Barrett launched the Milwaukee Foreclosure Partnership Initiative (MFPI) to combat the effects of the rise in foreclosures on city residents and neighborhoods. More than 100 volunteers came together to develop innovative solutions to address the foreclosure problem in Milwaukee. Milwaukee’s Common Council also convened the Special Joint Committee on the Redevelopment of Abandoned and Foreclosed Homes to guide the City’s efforts for the use of federal funding to address foreclosed homes in city neighborhoods.

You can help!

» If you or someone you know are having difficulty making your mortgage payments,contact a homebuying counseling agency.

 » If there is a foreclosed property in your neighborhood, contact the City to report any problems.