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Power Engineering Diploma

The Milwaukee Area Power Engineering Consortium has developed a training program for workers in the field of Power Engineering. The consortium is a partnership between MATC, IUOE Local 317, WE Energies, Miller Brewing Co., and several other local businesses and agencies.

Typical Power Engineering occupations include: Building Engineers Maintenance Mechanics Power Plant Operators Power Plant Mechanics

The 13 credit diploma program is scheduled to start the fall semester 2003. Course of study will develop entry level skills required in the Power Engineering field and prepare individuals for the 5th, 4th and 3rd class Power Engineering License tests.

Courses include: Introduction to Power Engineering Fundamentals of Power Engineering 1 Fundamentals of Power Engineering 2 Math for HVACR Servicing Technicians Blueprint Reading for Power Engineering Basic Electricity for Power Engineering Plant Maintenance and HVAC Basics Instrumentation and Controls

For more information call: Nick Triscari Apprenticeship Coordinator, MATC 414-571-4743 triscarn(

Individuals who have completed the POWENG-420 course at MATC will be given advanced standing in this program.

1. STEAMPLANT OPERATION 7th edition (ISBN 0-07-036150-9) by Everett B. Woodruff, Herbert B. Lammers and Thomas F. Lammers. Offers a practical approach to boiler design and construction, combustion fuels, boiler accessories, pumps and much more.

2. STATIONARY ENGINEERING (ISBN 0-8269-4445-0) by F. M. Steingress and H. J. Frost.

3. MODERN REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING by Andrew D. Althouse, Carl H. Turnquist and Alfred F. Bracciano. Explains and illustrates principles of refrigeration and air conditioning as well as methods of installing, maintaining, diagnosing and repairing.


5. HVAC WORKBOOK (ISBN 0-8269-0676-1) by S. D. Swenson. This is a workbook to accompany the textbook HVAC, HEATING, VENTILATING & AIR CONDITIONING.

6. EPA HIGH CAPA CITY FOSSIL FUEL-FIRED PLANT OPERATING TRAINING PROGRAM Student Handbook. This is part of a model state training program which addresses the needs of high capacity fossil fuel-fired plant (boiler) operators. Included are generic equipment design features, combustion control relationships and operating and maintenance procedures which are designed to be consistent with the purposes of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. May be obtained from the Wisconsin Board of Examining Engineers, PO Box 8753, Green Bay, WI 54308-8753.

7. LOW PRESSURE BOILERS by Frederick M. Steingress. Introduction to stationary engineering for boiler operation. 170 pages with diagrams, glossary, review questions and index.

8. HIGH PRESSURE BOILERS by F. M. Steingress. Provides information on the safe and efficient operation of high-pressure boilers and related equipment. 265 pages with diagrams, glossary, review questions and index.

9. BOILER OPERATOR'S WORKBOOK by Dean Wilson. Design and operation of basic equipment in the typical boiler plant. Procedures and practices for an operator and help in understanding the mathematical calculations to verify the safety and efficiency of their operation.

10. STEAM TURBINE OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE by Zenas Allen. Fifty-nine most common questions on proper maintenance and operation of turbines with answers.

11. STATIONARY ENGINEERING A 17-lesson home study course covers basic principles related to modem power plant operations.

Some sources for finding the references are the public library, local technical school bookstores and commercial bookstores. Another source might be through the National Association of Power Engineers.

Some of the reference books can be found through their web site at






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