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Parking Meters

Time Limits

Metered parking spaces have varying time limits (15 minutes - 10 hours) depending on where they are located within the City.  Therefore, it is important to read the parking signage adjacent to the metered space to determine how long you may park there.


Rates vary from $0.50/hour to $1.50/hour depending upon location.  Always read the information on the meter or payment center to ensure you don't run out of time.

No payment required on Saturdays in some areas Downtown and in the 3rd Ward, however parking restrictions do apply.  Always read the posted parking sign to ensure you are in compliance.

No payment required nor any restrictions are enforced at metered space on Sundays and on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

MKE Park

City of Milwaukee Mobile Parking Payment App
Accepted at all parking meters

Picture of MKE Park App on Mobile Phone

Report a Defective Meter Online

Defective LUKE Meter

Defective Single Meter

  • ​Call (414) 286-CITY (2489) to report a broken meter to the parking meter repair shop.  Please indicate the defective meter number, description of problem and approximate location.
  • If the meter is defective and a parking citation is issued, the citation may be released if the claim can be substantiated by the City.  To dispute a parking citation call the Violations Bureau at (414) 344-0840.




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Sign up for winter parking alerts

1. Sign in or create an enotify account.
2. Select text messaging in the gray navigation bar near the top of the website.
3. Add your phone number and carrier, hit the disk to save.
4. A confirmation code will be texted to you, enter this code in the confirmation code box and press the checkmark to confirm.
5. Reselect text messaging in the gray bar to see the alerts available.
6. Check winter alerts.
7. For email notifications: Select email subscriptions in the gray bar. Select Information Updates and check winter alerts.