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Current Watches,Warnings and Advisories for Wisconsin: The National Weather Service provides a list of warnings for the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Weather: 7-day forcast in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (additional cities can be searched through this link.)

Guides for Severe Weather: The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Ready Program provides helpful tips for preparing for severe weather.


Winter weather has dangers that vary throughout the season. A winter storm can range from little snow over a few hours to a blizzard with high winds and lots of snow that can last for a couple of days. Many winter storms are accompanied with dangerous and below freezing temperatures. These temperatures can cause strong winds, icing, sleet, and freezing rain. One of the biggest concerns with winter weather is the ability of high winds and snows to knock out power, heat, and communication services to your home or office. It is crucial to watch for the weather every day during these winter months so you and your family can stay prepared.

In the case of a winter storm, take the following steps.

  1. Add the following items to your emergency kit:
  • Street salt to melt ice.
  • Sand or cat litter incase your car becomse stuck in the snow. The sand or cat litter will improve traction.
  • Snow shovels and/or other snow removal equipment. 
  • Heating fuel in case you become isolated in your home and the heating source gets cut off. 
  • Adequate clothing and blankets to keep everyone warm
  1. Make a family communication plan in case you are not together when the storm hits. It is important to know how to contact each other so you can meet up if separated. 
  2. Have access to a radio or telephone from which you can acess the NOAA weather radio station which will broadcast alerts and warnings. You can also sign up to recieve notifications from your local emergency services.
  3. Minimize all travel if possible.
  4. All pets should remain inside during a winter storm.
  5. Winterize your Vehicle.

Before the winter season starts, or at the biginning of it, have a mechanic look at your brakes, ignition system, antifreeze levels, exhaust system, lights, windshield wiper equipment, and tires. By updating and checking on all of these items, your car will be ready to drive in winter weather conditions. Make sure your car emergency supplies kit has all the information listed above and everything that is already inside of the kit. 

Here are a series of videos about winter weather preparedness: 

  1. Winter Emergency Supplies Kit and Preparedness
  1. How to _________ During Winter

Travel Conditions: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

 DOT Tips for Driving During a Storm or in Winter Weather:

  • Plan your travel, selecting both primary and alternate routes.
  • Travel on bussiest and most frequently used roads
  • Drive slowly and keep watch your surroundings.
  • In winter, always drive with your gas tank half full so it doesn't freeze. 
  • Let someone know your travel routes and itinerary so that, if you don't arrive on time, officials will know where to search for you.
  • Check latest weather information on your radio.
  • Try not to travel alone - two or three people are preferable.
  • Travel in convoy (with another vehicle) if possible.
  • Drive carefully and defensively. Watch for ice patches on bridges and overpasses.
  • Take note of your odometer and coordinate it with exit numbers, mileposts, or crossroads so if you are in a crash or slide off the road you'll better be able to identify where you are and summon law enforcement officers, rescue workers, or tow truck operators more quickly to your location.
  • If a storm begins to be too much for you to handle, seek refuge immediately.
  • If your car should become disabled, stay with the vehicle, running your engine and heater for short intervals. Be sure to "crack" a window in the vehicle to avoid carbon monoxide build-up.

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