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Steven Fronk was appointed by City of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to serve as the Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security and Point of Contact for the Milwaukee Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI)in October 2009. He was previously involved with the Milwaukee UASI in 2004-2005 as an adjunct to his position as an attorney with the Fire and Police Commission. He is responsible for oversight of all Urban Area Security Initiative projects, policies and funding.

Tom Czaja has been the Regional Interoperability Coordinator (RIC) since 2014. He retired from the Fox Point Police Department in August 2014 after serving as the Chief of Police for 18 years.  He has a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice from UWM and is a graduate of the 168th session of the FBI National Academy.  Tom has served as president of the Milwaukee County Law Enforcement Executives Association (MCLEEA), the Wisconsin Chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates and the Suburban Mutual Assistance Response Teams (SMART). Tom has been involved in the interoperability initiative since 1998 as a member and chair of the WISPERN Governing Board (now the Mutual Aid Frequency Coordination Group) and as a charter member of the State Interoperability Council (SIC), assisting in development of the original Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP).

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Steven Fronk

Phone: (414)286-5062

Tom Czaja

Phone: (414)286-5130
Cell: (414)708-5373



Urban Area Security Intitiative

The Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) is a collaborative public safety effort involving the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington and Waukesha counties. The Milwaukee UASI works with the Office of Justice Assistance and Wisconsin Emergency Management to evaluate the needs of all regional partners and jurisdictions, prioritize those needs and access available funding opportunities for initiatives and projects throughout the region.

Since 2004 the efforts of Milwaukee UASI staff and its regional partners have been successful in obtaining nearly $40 million in federal funding. These funds have been utilized in the City of Milwaukee and the surrounding region for such things as emergency medical team training, public health laboratory upgrades, hazardous materials and bomb squad equipment and training, emergency communications improvements, volunteer training and credentialing, continuity of operations planning, increased infrastructure protection and law enforcement intelligence analysis.  

Our pledge is to continue to create effective partnerships and maximize the efficient use of our resources to enhance the safety of everyone in southeastern Wisconsin.  

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Contact Us

City Hall
200 E. Wells Street
Room 605
Milwaukee, WI 53202

414-286-5062 (24-hour message line)


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Steven Fronk, Director  


Steven Fronk




Interoperable Communications Coordinator

Tom Czaja


Phone: (414) 286-5130