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Non-Profit Organization Guidelines for Purchasing City Houses

The city will sell to non-profit organizations at a reduced price of $1,000.00 if the value of the property is $15,000 or less. The intent of the purchase must be to rehab the property and once the rehabilitation has been completed the property must be sold to an owner occupant. The following are the steps you need to take to secure such a purchase:

  1. Choose a vacant property on the Extended Listing with a sales price equal to or less than $15,000.
  2. Letter stating the intent of the purchase, as stated above.
  3. Examine the scope of work for the repairs (provided by the City).
  4. Provide a timetable for the completion of the work.
  5. Provide evidence of financing for the rehabilitation of the property.
  6. Offer to Purchase on City’s offer form.
  7. A $50.00 earnest money deposit made payable to the City of Milwaukee. (cashier’s check or money order and is non-refundable if offer is accepted).