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The following legislation was enacted by the Milwaukee Common Council at its most recent meeting of September 23, 2014:

File 140669 created new legislation relating to public  entertainment premises.

Files 140785  and 140549 require that city-owned public parking structures be staffed by at least one person during operating hours.

File 140611 directs the city to look at creating a citywide household compost collection program.

File 140229 creates a Housing Stock Improvement Program which will have interest-free loans for owner-occupied 1-4 unit buildings.

File 140635 sets a $1 purchase price of city-owned residential properties for non-profit real estate developers, rather than the current $1,000 purchase price.

File 140783 approves the 2015 calendar of Council and committee meetings.

Other files introduced today were assigned to committee and will be a part of the regular committee cycle beginning with the Licenses Committee meeting on Monday, September 29, 2014 (meeting dated changed from Tuesday, September 30). 

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