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The following legislation was enacted by the Milwaukee Common Council at its most recent meeting of October 14, 2014:

File 140911 directs the city's lobbyists to seek introduction and passage of a state law that would require utilities in the public way to pay for use of the public way, but then any removal or moving costs would be the responsibility of the local government.

Files 140910  and 130662 relate to the city sale of surplus school buildings.

File 140612 authorizes local Council members to notify the Dept. of City Development of any city-owned property that he or she wishes to be notified about 45 days prior to its sale.  The local Council member has the ability to object to the sale, which the department may appeal to the entire Common Council.

File 140229 creates a Housing Stock Improvement Program which will have interest-free loans for owner-occupied 1-4 unit buildings (was vetoed by the Mayor, but the veto was overridden).

File 140550 creates and funds a $600,000 pilot program to sell homes in distressed neighborhoods for $1 after rehabilitation is complete by the homeowner.

File 140934 moves the Licenses Committee meetings of November and December to November 10 and December 1.

Other files introduced today were assigned to committee and will be a part of the regular committee cycle beginning with the Licenses Committee meeting on Monday, October 20, 2014. 

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