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As a recipient of these funds, the City of Milwaukee is required to submit to HUD every five years, a Consolidated Strategy and Plan (CON Plan) that defines the direction the City will take in utilizing these Federal funds to address the national objectives in a manner that will produce the greatest measurable impact on our community. The Consolidated Plan is basically a comprehensive planning document that further defines the community’s needs and details a strategy to address those needs.


The statutes for the Federal formula grant programs set forth three basic goals against which the plan and the City’s performance under the plan will be evaluated by HUD. The City must state how it will pursue these goals for all community development programs.


The HUD statutory program goals are:

1) affordable, decent housing, 2) suitable living environment and, 3) economic opportunities





Click on the link to find your NSP Area.

Click on link below  for infomation on the NSP meeting dates in your area

NSP Area 1 - Parklawn Residents

NSP Area 2 - Northwest Side Residents

NSP Area 3 and 4 - Lincoln Park and United Community Residents

NSP Area 5 - Sherman Park Community Residents

NSP Area 6 - Harambee Residents

NSP Area 7 - Riverwest/Lower East Side Residents

NSP Area 8 - Metcalfe Park Residents

NSP Area 9 - Amani Residents

NSP Area 10 - WAICO/YMCA and Lindsay Heights Residents

NSP Area 11 - Grandview/Walnut Heights Residents

NSP Area 12 - Mid-Town Residents

NSP Area 13 - Hillside/Lapham Residents

NSP Area 14 - West Side Residents