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NIDC works with City departments, community-based agencies, financial institutions, developers, local foundations, and most importantly, residents, to improve Milwaukee's neighborhoods.

NIDC is affiliated with the City of Milwaukee's Department of City Development.

Targeted Investment Neighborhoods (TINs)

Targeted Investment Neighborhoods (TINs)

TINs sustain and increase owner-occupancy, provide high quality affordable rental housing, strengthen property values, and improve neighborhood physical appearance and quality of life. TINs focus resources for 3 years on a small area, generally 6 to 12 city blocks.


Home Rehab Program

Homebuyer Assistance Program

The Homebuyer Assistance Program provides up to $20,000 to assist with the rehabilitation of City-owned foreclosed homes.  NIDC and its development partners also have a limited number of fully rehabilitated homes available for sale.


Rental Rehab Program

Rental Rehabilitation Program

The Rental Rehab program offers rehabilitation assistance to responsible investors who agree to rent to income-eligible tenants.  The property must be a City of Milwaukee owned tax foreclosed property located in the Community Development Block Grant Area OR be located in a Targeted Investment Neighborhood (TIN) and meet program standards when the rehabilitation is complete. Generally, units must have at least 2 bedrooms to qualify.


Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

Working with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, this initiative focuses on a neighborhood’s positive attributes and works to engage neighbors and homeowners to invest in their neighborhoods and position them as good places to live.


Tax Incremental Districts (TIDs)

Tax Incremental Districts (TIDs)

Forgivable loans are available to assist owner-occupants with repairs in a limited number of neighborhood-based Tax Incremental Districts, a special financing tool that enables the City to borrow against the growth of tax base in order to create a pool of loan resources.


Homeowners Emergency Loan Program (HELP)

Homeowners Emergency Loan Program (HELP)

Help for homeowners throughout the City of Milwaukee NIDC offers assistance to income-eligible owner-occupants throughout the City of Milwaukee. The Homeowners’ Emergency Loan Program (HELP) is available for emergencies that, if not corrected, would make the home uninhabitable. HELP is not available for maintenance, code violations, or other work that is not a true emergency.

Community Improvement Projects (CIPs)

Community Improvement Projects (CIPs)

Matching grants of up to $3,000 are available for sustainable projects that physically enhance a neighborhood and increase resident camaraderie.


NIDC Revolving Loan Fund

For responsible investors who are utilizing the Rent Rehabilitation Program for the acquisition and rehabilitation of a City owned property, low cost financing is available for acquisition and rehabilitation. Loans are for terms of up to one year and can provide financing for the acquisition, rehabilitation (matching funding for your rental rehabilitation forgivable loan) and lease up phase of your project. For more information, contact Maria Prioletta at (414) 286-5903.

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