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Bike Share Open for Winter!

Get Ready To Ride This Winter, Milwaukee! Bublr Bikes are ready to face the elements and will be available to ride all winter long! The bikes are Milwaukee tough so they’ll be able to stand up to cold weather. The Bublrs are checked regularly by Bublr bike mechanics and can easily handle the salt and slush.


Bridge Plates

Skid resistant plating is being added to all bascule open-grate bridges in the City of Milwaukee to ensure bicycle safety when riding across bridges.


Green Bike Lanes

Green Bike Lanes have been added on Humboldt Ave.


Winter Riding Tips

As the seasons start to change in Milwaukee, here are a few winter riding tips to make your cold-weather trips via bicycle a little easier:

Milwaukee by Bike

Welcome to Milwaukee by Bike where you can find most everything you need to know to help you get around Milwaukee by Bike.

Bicycling is a fun, healthy and safe way to travel in Milwaukee. Whether you are going to work, school, the store or to visit a friend, getting around Milwaukee by Bike can be more convenient and faster than driving a car. Biking saves you money, helps save the environment and keeps you healthy! Each year more Milwaukeeans are choosing to see Milwaukee by Bike so join everyone and see what Milwaukee has to offer by Bike!

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Bike Share

Milwaukee's public bike sharing system, affectionately named Bublr Bikes, has 28 stations located throughout the downtown area with more stations to come in 2016!


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Bike Facilities - Bike Lanes, Routes & Trails

Milwaukee has over 95 miles of bike lanes along its city streets as well as a number of trails throughout, including the Beerline, KK River, Oak Leaf and Hank Aaron trails.

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Bicycle / Pedestrian Task Force

The Task Force was established to help improve biking and walking in the City of Milwaukee. The Task force meets every other month and is comprised of 11 members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council. To learn more about the Task Force Click the link above.


Bicycle Resources

Milwaukee is home to dozens of bike shops located throughout the city as well as several bicycle businesses.


Safety Information & Rules

Milwaukee promotes safe biking through education. Learn about bicycle laws and safety tips and even classes to become a savvy city cyclist!

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Bike Maps

The City of Milwaukee trails and lanes are shown graphically through a variety of maps including the South Eastern Wisconsin Bike Map and the City of Milwaukee Map!

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Milwaukee by Bike Plan (2010)

The Milwaukee by Bike Plan describes the vision for the city and overarching goals to achieve this vision. The plan details specific goals focused on facility and support infrastructure improvements, dedicating funding to projects and programs, providing education and encouragement programs, enforcing laws to reduce crashes and safety issues, and consistently evaluating progress toward Milwaukee's goals.



Bike Parking

Milwaukee has many bicycle parking racks throughout the city. Follow the link above to learn how to lock your bike securely.


Bike Share Proposed System Expansion 2016 - Public Input Meeting Presentation

The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW), in partnership with Bublr Bikes, hosted a public information meeting to discuss additional bike sharing station locations:

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