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The broad category of waste that includes food and yard waste.

Food Waste

Waste made from food. Food waste can be raw scraps from food preparation or cooked food that was not eaten.

Yard Waste

Any waste that comes out of your yard including brush and branches, leaves, garden waste, grass clippings, and weeds. Not all yard waste can be picked up at your home.

Brush & Branches

Woody stalks from pruning and branches up to 6" in diameter.

Garden Waste

Trimmings from green plants that are not woody. i.e. pruning a tomato plant or Hosta. These items are not collected curbside.

Grass Clippings

Cut blades of grass. These are not collected curbside.

Yard Waste

Yard Waste is a broad category of waste that describes a variety of items that are banned from the landfill. Some of these items, such as brush and leaves in the fall, are available for curbside collection, while others, like grass clippings and garden debris, must be taken to a Drop Off Center or can be handled on your property through grasscycling, mulching leaves in place, or composting at home.



Mulching Leaves in Place

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