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Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale

Photo of bagged compost

For the first time, bagged compost will be available for sale. Blue Ribbon Organics OMRI Certified 1 cubic foot bags of compost (25 lbs.) will be available for $10 each ($6 each for current organics pilot participants). Place your online order for compost to be picked up May 19th at Estabrook Park from 9 AM - 12 PM. Pay with cash or check when you pick up your bags. There is a separate order form for compost vs. the compost bins and rain barrels.


Place your order here for compost bins, rain barrels and accesories today through May 5, 2018 for collection on Saturday, May 19, 2018. There is a separate order form for bagged compost.


Image of Compost Bin Sale Poster