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Thank you for your interest in our fall mailer. The complete fall mailer PDF is available online. This version is linked with relevant information on the website.

As a fun way to promote recycling education, composting, and rain water conservation individuals can, between Thursday Sept 28th, 2017 12:00am - Thursday Oct 19th 12am, enter to win their choice of a $50 gift card, a compost bin, or a rain barrel by Liking Recycle For Good on Facebook, taking the online recycling pledge, or taking the online recycling quiz (below). Limit 3 entries per person using any combination of the above options. On or about the afternoon of Wednesday Oct 25th, 6 winners will randomly be selected, and upon verification, those winners will receive their choice of prizes. Approximate estimated prize value is $50 - $100 in total. Individuals must be 18 years old, residents of the City of Milwaukee, and cannot be employees of the City of Milwaukee, immediate family members of an employee, or an individually legally residing in the same household of an employee. More rules. Thank you for Recycling For Good!


Full Name:

Phone Number (only used to contact winners):


I am interested in recieving e-mail notificiations about recycling from the City of Milwaukee.

I am over 18 and a resident of the City of Milwaukee.



1. Which of these items is a member of the "Top Twelve" and should be recycled?

Cardboard boxes Shampoo bottle Mail and magazines All of the above

2. Which of these items is a member of the "Dirty Dozen" and should NOT be included in your curbside recycling bin or cart?

Batteries Plastic bags Food and yard waste All of the above

3. How can you dispose of a metal chair?

Take it to a scrap yard Take it to a Drop Off Center Donate it for reuse All of the above

4. Should you bag recyclables in your bin/cart?

Yes No

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