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Safe Behavior and Injury Avoidance

Links to resources about creating safe homes and habits for families and individuals.

Safe Sleep Campaign

A visual / audible gallery detailing our safe sleep campaign efforts from the beginning to the present.

Safe Sleep for Your Baby

Recommendations and guidelines for providing a safe sleeping environment for your baby, an overview of our Safe Sleep Awareness Campaign, and further resources and news articles about safe sleep.

Safer Sex

What you need to know to have safer sex.


General information about salmonella as well as the most recent outbreak information.

Schedules and Locations

City of Milwaukee Health Department addresses, and program schedules for all clinic locations.

Sexual Assault

General information on sexual assault, bystander intervention, and local resources to help.

Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Resources

Local resources to support those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, Milwaukee Commission

An overview of the work done by the Milwaukee Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault along with downloadable materials and community resources for victims and perpetrators of violence in our community.

Sexual Health Links

Links to information about STD / HIV / AIDS, contraception, LGBT health, sexual assault and information for parents and educators.

Sharps Disposal for Households

Learn about how and where to safely dispose of your needles and sharps in the Milwaukee area.


General information about immunizations and vaccine-preventable diseases for the public and for health professionals, as well as information about our immunization program and clinic services.

Shots - FAQ

Answers to common questions about Immunizations.

Shots Available

List of immunizations currently available for youth, adults, and for travel needs, and more information about each category.

Shots for Adults

Answers to common questions about our Immunization Program.

Shots Schedule

Chart showing which immunizations are required within each age range.

Social Service Agencies

A list of shelters, hotlines, meal programs and health care options in the Milwaukee area.

STD / HIV / AIDS and Pregnancy Prevention Videos

Links to videos with info on sexually transmitted diseases and preventing pregnancy.

STD / HIV / AIDS Fact Sheets

Links to CDC web pages for various sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV / AIDS.

STD / HIV / AIDS Screening and Treatment Guidelines for Health Professionals

Links to resources for healthcare professionals giving the latest screening and treatment guidelines for patients with STDs and/health/or HIV / AIDS.

STD / HIV Links to Services

Testing, case management, intervention programs, and health care resources for those who might have or do have an STD or HIV infection.

STD and HIV Clinic

Hours of operation and information for our STD / HIV Clinic.

STD and HIV Program

A listing of the services offered by our Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and HIV Program.

STD Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about STDs.